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1 Computing in a Local Authority Siemens Business Services In Partnership With Coventry City Council.

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1 1 Computing in a Local Authority Siemens Business Services In Partnership With Coventry City Council

2 2 Computing at Coventry History of Computing Review of Current Situation - Hardware - Software - Performance Our Future - As a Business

3 3 History of Computing at Coventry Mainframes 1928Card Processing Equipment 1952IBM Punched Card Equipment 1965LEO III 1971ICL System 4-72 1980IBM 3032 1984IBM 3033 1986IBM 3083 1988IBM 3090 150S 1989IBM 3090 170S 1990IBM 3090 180S 1991IBM ES9000/500 1995Begin Migration to UNIX 1997First UNIX System Goes Live November 2001Migration to UNIX Finally Complete

4 4 Hardware at Coventry Mainframe Installation Computer RoomRemote Network IBM ES9000/500 Printers 3 Lasers 1 Line Printer Disks 198 GBytes Tapes LAN 35+ 900 Devices Printers 500 Laser 500 Dot Matrix VDUs 300 + PCs 800 + Central Switching LAN

5 5 Distributed Computing At Coventry City Development Directorate Apollo Graphical Workstations - Highway Design IBM System 36 - Stock Control 2 x Ferranti 700 Minis - Traffic ICL Vienna AOC - Adman ICL Vienna SRC - PUSWA Apollo Systems - CAD Housing and Environmental Services ICL DRS 500 - Complaints Monitoring Bull DPX/20 Mini - Integrated Housing Management Leisure Services Sun SPARC 20 Mini x 2 Sun SPARC 5 Mini City Treasurers McDonnell Douglas Series 19 - Rates, Debtors, Insurance Building Services and Cleaning 2 x Thorn EMI Televideo PC Network Magistrates Court Burroughs B1950 - Courts Admin - Library Systems

6 6 Computing in a Local Authority Hardware at Coventry

7 7 Computing in a Local Authority Hardware at Coventry

8 8 Computing in a Local Authority Hardware at Coventry

9 9 Computing in a Local Authority Major Distributed Systems at Coventry City Development Directorate Highway Design Traffic Control PUSWA Housing & Environmental Services Complaints Monitoring Integrated Housing Management Leisure Services Library Systems City Treasurers Financial Info System Accounts Payable Sundry Debtors Payroll Local Tax Contract Services Stores Job Scheduling & Control Magistrates Courts Courts Admin Social Services Case Records

10 10 Computing at Coventry Standard & Other Packages 1 Package NameUsersPackage NameUsers 1st Press1DOS LAN Requester10 Access 21DOS Versions 3 - 6.22289 Accutype1Dr Halo1 ACT7Dr Solomons Anti Virus Kit1 Address Book Plus2DrawPerfect11 Aldis5Easi-Track1 Aldus PhotoStyler SE V2.01EasyFlow1 Alpha IV4EazilinkI Amipro35ETS ledgers1 Angoss 2.521Excel 5.01 Ansel1Extra for DOS48 Approach10FASTAPE2 Aqua Database4FastBack 2.15 Arami 53File Shuttle Express77 Arcsolo2First Choice80 ARMS20Flow1 AsEasyAs2FlowCharter 3.04 Attachmate33Fontware1 AutoCAD14FoxPro36 Automenu11FreeLance for Windows 2.03

11 11 Computing at Coventry Standard and Other Packages 2 Package NameUsersPackage NameUsers Autoroutes4GEM5 AutoSchedule+ V3. IIGeosite1 Baler 123 Compiler1Guard102 BannerIHarvard Graphics113 Beam1HT Design1 Borland C++ 3.51ICBL2 CASCADE70Introduction to DOS Traininq1 Cash Counting1Introduction to PC Training1 CCMail161Irma4 Ceale Database1Irmalan Mainframe Gateway1 Checkit3ISR VAlidation1 Company Ladder 1.013Labels4 Compuserve4LAN Auditor1 COPPT4LAN Manager90 Corel Draw7LaserForms6 DataEase1Leawards (UNIX)10 DataFlex3LetterPerfect4 Dbase16Level 5 for Windows 3.01 Delta 56Lotus 123585

12 12 Computing at Coventry Standard and Other Packages 3 Package NameUsersPackage NameUsers Design1Lotus Agenda2 DeskviewX6Lotus Approach 2.111 DisplayWrite118Lotus Impress1 DLE Database1Lotus Magellan1 DLE IS1Lotus Organsiaer12 MAPINFO3 QEMM12 Menugen2Quadram1 MicroRate5Quick Scheduler3 Microsoft Devnet 1.01Qumic1 Microsoft MAil2Q&A12 Microsoft Mouse Intellipoint 9.110Rapid File67 Microsoft Technet 1.01Recall +5 Mirror1Recourier1 MOSS5RSS200 MR Engineer1SAGE4 MRSS1SASPAC2 MS Access2ScreenCam 2.01 MS Excel5SDMS4 MS Office24SideKick4 MS Project1Sketch3

13 13 Computing at Coventry Standard and Other Packages 4 Package NameUsersPackage NameUsers MS Word115Smart226 MS Works3Smartscan1 Network Management Utilities1SmartSuite44 News3Smartware II234 Norton Utilities14Soft Solutions Document Management18 Novell Software (Unknown)266SoScript1 Numerous Alpha 4 D8s20SPSS9 ObjectVision 2.01Success Business Planner1 OCR2SuperHeat1 OmniPage Professional OCR 5.021Sytos1 Orqanizer21Tariff 081 OS/2 Ian Server Advanced 4.01TC3DTC1 OS/2 Warp Client1Tetra1 Page Plus45Time works1 Paintbrush1Timeware1 Paintshow vl.11Toolkit1 Panascan2Transpud1 Paradox for DOS 3.51Turbo CAD1 Paradox for Windows 1.01Turbo Pascal V61

14 14 Computing at Coventry Standard and Other Packages 5 Package NameUsersPackage NameUsers Passport 327016Type Plus22 PC Anywhere7Typing Tutor3 PCF11Uninstaller 2.01 PCPower4Unix 5.41 PC/FOCUS12VBVBX for Visual Basic 5.01 Pilot LightShip 4.12Ventura29 PM41Virus Checker2 PowerPoint1Visual Basic5 PowerProject2West Orchards1 PPLite1Win Images1 Presentation3Windows325 Printcache1WinFax Pro1 Printmaster1WordCraft450 Pro Steel1WordPerfect404

15 15 Distributed Small Systems Abandoned Vehicles Office Accommodation AKIS Blind Register Building Design Quantity Surveyors Charging Child Protection Community Care Action Complaints/Enquiries CST System DISBASE Footway Crossing Free School Meals Fuel Management GALPAS GIS HEVACOMP HyperCard ICE Alert IEE16 Stores Purchasing Interpreting Asian Languages Inventory Invoices Estimating System Kitchen Repairs System MacWrite MIMMS NHER Orange Badge People Link Project Planning Post Monitoring Potterton Heat Loss Power Project Probase PSPICE Public Conveniences Quality Refuse Collection Rounds Reviewing Officers RTIK SCARs School Admissions School Meals Site Clearance SONATA Special Needs Energy Management Stock Control Street Cleansing Street Inventory Symology Technical Index Library Time Recording Trace (Fleet Management) Transport (Mobile Meals) Works Orders

16 16 Computing at Coventry The Changing Workload Mainframe as at 1995Migrated Systems Accounts Payable Financial Management Council Tax Poll Tax Housing Benefits National Non-Domestic Rates Allocations & Lettings Housing Rents Integrated Payroll & Personnel Still to be Completed Social Services Case Records Job Costing & Control Contract Management System New Financial Management Package from Oracle - UNIX Platform +Oracle Database New Housing System on Bull Platform New Local Taxation Package from Sanderson PSS - UNIX Platform +Unidata Databases New Personnel & Payroll Systems from Midland Computing - Unix Platform + Oracle Databases Swift - a new system from Freight Computer Services - UNIX Platform + Oracle Database Servitor - a new system from Freight Computer Services -UNIX Platform + Oracle Databases A new CMS from Southbank Systems - UNIX Platform + Oracle Database

17 17 Volumes of Computing

18 18 Growth at Coventry

19 19 Growth at Coventry

20 20 Speed of System Development Area 1 - COBOL Only Area 2 - COBOL/Data Base Area 3 - FOCUS Area 4 - Total All Areas

21 21 Computing at Coventry BISs Ability to Compete Through 4GLs Major SuccessesCompetitor Poll TaxIBM, McDonnell Douglas Bluebird Software Council TaxOpposition Didnt Bid Care in the CommunityLocal Software Houses Commitment Monitoring Integrated PayrollBureau Services e.g. Nat West Bank Housing ManagementMajor Bureaux

22 22 Central Computing at Coventry City Council What do we Spend Our Money On? Total Expenditure 1995/96 = £5.7 million

23 23 Central Computing at Coventry City Council Where do we Spend the Money Total Expenditure 1995/96 = £5.7 million

24 24 Central Computing at Coventry City Council Where Does the Money Come From?

25 25 Development of an IT Strategy at Coventry Client-Side Contractor Business & Information Services Information Steering Group Departments Senior Management Team Information Systems Units Chief Officers & Members

26 26 Computing at Coventry B&IS City Development City Treasurer Education Social Services Housing Contract Services City Secretary Chief Executive

27 27 Computing at Coventry B &IS £5.7 M IT City Development City Treasurer Education Social Services Housing Contract Services City Secretary Chief Executive Total Expenditure £9.4 Million

28 28 Computing at Coventry B&IS City Development City Treasurer Education Social Services Housing Contract Services City Secretary Chief Executive IT

29 29 Computing at Coventry Selecting a Partner Early in 1996:- Adverts announce intent to form Joint Venture Partnership Friday 26th April: Showcase Event in St. Marys Hall:- 78 Interested Companies Attend 68 Questionnaires Issued 13 th May:- 18 Companies returned their Questionnaire 7th July:- Invitations to Tender issued to 8 Major Companies 28th August:- 5 Potential Partners Respond September - October Presentations from 5 Companies Considered And 5 reduced to 4... Then 4 reduced to 3 November:- Our Partner was Chosen - Siemens Business Services February 1st 1997 The Contract was signed and the Partnership began with 138 people moving to the new Company

30 30 Computing at Coventry Siemens Business Services Contracts Won by SBS since being formed in 1996 UKPA - UK Passport Agency - 10 year contract to streamline processing of Passport Applications with Digital Facial Imaging IND - Immigration & National Directorate - 7 year contract with workflow and document management systems, streamlining asylum cases. Welsh Office - a project to supply 1700 staff in Wales and Whitehall with a fully automated office environment. Coventry City Council - IT and Management Consultancy Outsourcing - a unique Joint Venture forming SBSC Continental Tyres - 7 year contract to standardise retail and back-office systems in 2000 European distribution depots. Nationwide Building Society - providing greater flow of information to 8 million customers. National Savings - over 4500 people transferred to SBS in 7 year Outsourcing Deal. National Savings Administration to be streamlined and made more attractive to investors. New jobs to be found for 1500 people. Vehicle Inspectorate MOT System - system to control the testing of all vehicles in the UK and the issuing of Test Certificates. This system is being developed in Coventry.

31 31 Computing at Coventry Why Out-Source? Cost Reductions Fixed to Variable Costs Protects Jobs Responds to the Need for Change Access to Skills CCT

32 32 Computing at Coventry The Pressures for Change The IS/IT Service £££s Service Quality New Business Needs Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT)

33 33 Value Through the Power of Siemens Telecommunication Systems Medical Systems Defence Systems Energy Systems Industrial & Building Systems Information Systems Network Systems Traffic Management Systems Transportation Systems Siemens Business Services

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