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The Collaboratory: off campus advisors workshop Service today … servant leaders tomorrow.

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1 The Collaboratory: off campus advisors workshop Service today … servant leaders tomorrow.

2 Welcome and introductions

3 To thank you for giving your time and talent, and encourage you in your work. To share what is happening in the Collaboratory. To explore best practices for advising. To explore the challenges of off-campus advising. To help the Director know how to better support off-campus advisors. Purpose

4 What is happening in the Collaboratory?

5 Incoming student directors Jon Martin, Student Director Erik Hornberger, Assistant Student Director

6 New program manger Tony Caito

7 2010-11 chapel theme Living our vision: Increasing hope and transforming lives through education, collaboration, innovation and service.

8 News and updates Leaders workshop and project planning School restructuring: the Collaboratory is now in the School of Science, Engineering and Health (SSEH) Input request: technology needs to support on-off campus advising and partner collaboration Member Achievement Portfolio (MAP)

9 M.A.P. An online data base that enables members and teams to set goals for performance and get feedback. Participation − Service − Discipleship − Equipping − Leadership Hours Task completion

10 Why M.A.P.? Members −Performance assessment and feedback. −Compilation of service and achievement for use in job searching and graduate school application. Teams −Team goal-setting and tracking. −Identify and celebrate accomplishment milestones. Marketing data −Authorizers −Investors

11 Strategic Priorities Listening to lead: keeping the Director engaged Fiscal sustainability −Financial dashboard to guide decisions −Revenue strategy in sync with our budget Increasing advising capacity −Enable more of the willing to engage −Reach out to off-campus volunteer advisors Reducing the administrative burden on projects

12 What advisors do

13 The Collaboratory fosters organization-based learning and Christian discipleship by enabling participants to serve the Gospel in their areas of academic and professional pursuit. What is the Collaboratory?

14 Core advisor commitments Sharing leadership: −advisors share leadership with students, mentoring students to lead and working themselves out of a job. −students share leadership with advisors, and learn by seeing their teachers in action. Player coaching: advisors work with their mentees and make hands-on professional contributions to projects. Shepherding: advisors shepherd long-term projects between generations of students. Empowering and protecting: empower students to make real decisions, including mistakes, while intervening to protect: −the interests of future generations of students. −the interests of clients.

15 Best Practices/ Greatest Challenges Reflection −J-Lynn −Andrew −Brendon Discussion

16 Value proposition What does the Collaboratory need from you? −Your hope in Christ. −Your time and talent. What do you need from the Collaboratory? −Reward for doing the work? −Support to get the job done?

17 Support for off-campus advisors What must the Collaboratory do to better support the needs of off campus advisors? What must the Collaboratory do to attract more off- campus participants?

18 Thank you and well done!


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