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Speak and write in English

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1 Speak and write in English
English Exercises Speak and write in English

2 A Sentence A sentence is a group of words that tells a complete thought. ( Complete Sentence) A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. Example: She goes hiking. A group of words that does not tell a complete thought is NOT a sentence. (Incomplete Sentence) Example: A big house / Sometimes

3 Complete Sentences / Incomplete Sentences
Tell if they are complete or incomplete sentences 1. Mary likes to eat vegetables. _______ 2. My mother washes the dishes._______ 3. The girls in Third Grade ___________ 4. Wonderful surprises __________ 5. Do you like chocolate? _________

4 Answers for Slide # 4 1. Complete Sentence 2. Complete Sentence
3. Incomplete Sentence 4. Incomplete Sentence 5. Complete Sentence

5 Adverbs of Frequency in Sentences
Usually - Frequently - Often - Always - Never Verb To be: Am - is - are Was- Were If the verb is “To Be” the Adverb of Frequency goes AFTER the verb Example: I am usually a good student. 1 1 1 2 This girl is always happy. 2 1

6 Adverbs of Frequency Usually - Frequently - Often - Always - Never
If the verb is Not “To Be” Example: play, walk, run etc. the “Adverb of Frequency” goes BEFORE the verb. Example: 1. Mary always plays in the yard. 1 2 2. The girls never go to the movies. 2 1

7 Adverbs of Frequency with Verb To Be
Unscramble these sentences: - - never / we / for / are / late / school - goes / he / hiking / always at / the boys / usually / home / were always/ help/ people/doctors

8 Answers for Slide # 7 We are never late for school.
He always goes hiking. The boys were usually at home. Doctors always help people.

9 Irregular Verbs Present Past ________ found forgive ________
________ lent make ________ ________ got

10 Answers for Slide # 9 find forgave lend made get

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