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School of Development Studies Overseas Development Group Brief overview of DEV/ODG Bruce Lankford.

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1 School of Development Studies Overseas Development Group Brief overview of DEV/ODG Bruce Lankford

2 The School of Development Studies studies the economic, environmental, social and political conditions and causes of human poverty Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America

3 The School of Development Studies (DEV) One of the largest (& oldest) in UK; the only one teaching UG/PG levels, fully research active, consultancy & training, plus with three main disciplines within one School incl natural resources DEV is a community with ~ 30 members of staff lecturing and researching ~ 500 students > 50 countries –80 PhD students –280 UG students –130 MA/MSc students –30 joint students on other programmes

4 Research areas and themes Three research areas Social and Human Development The Political Economy of Development Livelihoods and Environmental Change Our key strengths in teaching & research: Broad inter-disciplinarity A good understanding of different development contexts A tradition of engagement with national and international policy-makers

5 Research groupings in DEV Social and Human Development Wellbeing, Gender and Identity Education and Literacy Health, Policy and Practice The Political Economy of Development Globalization and Development Conflict, Governance and Development Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction Livelihoods and Environmental Change Understanding environmental change Livelihoods Environmental Governance

6 Undergraduate programmes 1.BA /BSc Hons International Development 2.BA/BSc Hons International Development with Overseas Experience 3.BSc Hons Environmental Geography with International Development (3 years) 4.BA Hons Spanish with International Development (4 years) 5.BA Hons French with International Development (4 years)

7 Taught Masters degrees 1.MA in Cultural Heritage and International Development 2.MA in Development Economics 3.MA in Development Studies 4.MA in Education and Development 5.MA in Gender Analysis of International Development 6.MA in International Relations and Development Studies

8 Masters degrees cont. 7.MA in Conflict, Governance and International Development 8.MA in Rural Development 9.MA in International Social Development 10.MA in Theatre and Development 11.MSc in Environment and International Development 12.MRes in International Development 13.MA Globalisation and International Development

9 New Masters programmes MRes in Development Practice (distance learning) MSc in Climate Change and Development MA in Business and Int. Development MA in Media, Society and Int. Development MA in Health/Well-being and Development (forthcoming)

10 Typical UG and PG Units studied Development perspectives Gender concepts for development Governance, democracy and development Gender and rural livelihoods Understanding environmental change Introduction to education and development International economic policy Conflict, peace and security Health and development

11 Political unrest, human rights, conservation of the environment - Tibet Physical isolation of mountain communities - transport, trade, health and education - Nepal Livelihoods, crafts and traditional skills - India Floods, natural disasters, communication systems - rural Vietnam Research by students in DEV

12 Water resources, fertility, agriculture – river erosion, Tanzania Fishing and fishing communities in developing countries – coastal fishermen, Kenya Health, education, social care - group of street kids in Lima, Peru Trade and microeconomics – a street vendor in Bolivia Research by students in DEV

13 Scholarship Teaching Practice & consultancy Research Training Policy advising DEV ODG The beneficial relationships between teaching and research

14 With whom does DEV/ODG work? Gov. Agencies & other Donors - Asian Development Bank - AUSAID - British Council - CIDA - DANIDA - DFID - Global Environment Facility - Irish Aid - World Bank - Commission of the European Union The UN System - UNAIDS, Geneva, Switzerland - United Nations Environment Program [UNEP] - UN Industrial Development Organisation NGOs - Action Aid International - CARE International - Oxfam - Welfare Association, Geneva, - International Labour Organisation Research Org. and Networks - CGIAR centres - Institute of Arable Crops Research - International Institute for Environment and Development [IIED] - Natural Resources International Private companies & consultancies

15 Career opportunities for students Careers Opportunities for Graduates Work for NGOs, charities, action groups in the UK or overseas – Action Aid, Water Aid etc Work for large national or international organisations: DfID, Oxfam, United Nations, etc Work for local or national agencies, government, community projects – social, economic, environmental etc Management or administration Journalism – Media research - Teaching

16 Thank you Head of School of Development Studies

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