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PERCEPTION OF AIR QUALITY Jacqueline Morreau Impression of Killer fog - Embankment, 1952.

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1 PERCEPTION OF AIR QUALITY Jacqueline Morreau Impression of Killer fog - Embankment, 1952

2 AESTHETICS AS AN EFFECT l Visibility l Prevention of significant detriment l Attitudes and familiarity l Iconography l How does it affect communication?

3 EARLY RECORD l It has been argued that in prehistory American Indians saw circumsolar rings as a portent… l Later detail becomes more convincing… although may still be a portent Vädersoltavlan, Storkykan 1535

4 Sepia Mezzotint Claude Lorrain

5 SYMBOLS The Fighting Téméraire William Turner l Termination l Change l Modernity

6 POLLUTION AND EMPIRE l James Tissot, (1836-1902) French painter in London after alleged involvement in the Paris Commune (1871) London Tissot, James (1836-1902)

7 WEALTH Armfield, Maxwell (1943) This England; portrait of an Owner

8 NO SMOKE Weight, Corel Running Man (1958) Pissaro, Camille

9 E. Munch The Scream 1891-1892 …orientation suggests Krakatoa triggered him to return to it in 1893? HORRIBLE IMPACTS

10 MILLENNIAL VISIONS l Steam-power l Good or evil?

11 l Gustave Dores collection London: A Pilgimage (1872) ends… l some traveller from New Zealand shall, in the midst of a vast solitude, take his stand on a broken arch of London Bridge to sketch the ruins of St. Paul's. T. B. Macaulay, Edinburgh Review (1840) essay on: Leopold von Ranke Römische Päpste, ihre Kirche und ihr Staat im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert THE NEW ZEALANDER Brimblecombe ENVISIONING A FOGGY APOCALYPSE in False Environmental Alerts Jens Hohensee and Frank Uekoetter

12 CHURCH OF ENGLAND l Coal and God… Bennington, Walter Church of England (1905)

13 CHURCH OF ENGLAND Carl Haag View of London looking West (1848) l Lofty spires…


15 AMBIGUITY l Vincent van Gogh on good and bad days…

16 Atkinson Grimshaw Glasgow Docks

17 Nocturne Whistler


19 MONET INFLUENCE Albert Goodwin, In the Smoke of His Burning (1913)

20 wild beasts: audacious color, simple pictoral means. ANDRE DERAIN AND FAUVISM

21 Andre Derain

22 GEOMETRIC STYLES l Art nouveau l Art deco Column of Cloud and Fire Leading Gods People Tapestry at St. Albans Cathedral

23 Georges Suerat Bathing at Asnières (1883…) Eric van Straaten Blue lagoon Iceland 1985

24 Georgia O'Keeffe The East River from Shelton Hotels, 1928

25 Yoshio Markino - The Painter of Fog YELLOW FOGS l Scattering l Tar in droplets l Gaslight

26 Jennings, William N. (1860-1946) London Brown Fog a week November 1899 PHOTOGRAPHY AS ART

27 IMAGES OF FOGGY LONDON Figures in the Smoke Wolf Suschitzky

28 Yoshio MarkinoGustave Doré

29 Wolf SuschitzkyYoshio Markino

30 1952 Smog

31 WARTIME a clear landmark for the bombers of the Luftwaffe


33 There floats a phantom on the slum's foul air,... Red handed, ruthless, furtive, unerect 'Tis murderous crime - the Nemesis of Neglect!" Jack the Ripper CRIMINALITY AND POLLUTION

34 HITCHCOCKS FIRST MOVIE … a Ripper fiction Fog embedded in the myth yet unrelated to the Rippers activities! BRIMBLECOMBE, P. in Uekoetter, F. and Hohensee, J. (Eds.), Wird Kassandra heiser? Steiner Stuttgart


36 CELEBRATING POLLUTION An old postcard of stubble burning



39 SMOG AS ICON l London, summer smog and secondary pollutants…

40 SMOG into USA l By the 1950s smog became embedded into American language

41 Clear Day on Hollyridge (2001) Carol Putnam

42 CATCHING PHOTOCHEMISTRY Summer Haze Carol Satriani

43 LA SMOG in ART l Difficult to represent given a kind of solidity

44 SMOG as DEMON In Los Angeles smog can be seen as the explanation for human behaviour, criminal activity etc

45 FOG l Why so much fog? l What role?


47 Outside Houston Susan Ross l Cause l Endings l Apocalypse

48 MODERN IMAGES OF APOCALYPSE Contemporary media, writing and art are vehicles for apocalyptic visions, so form an important aspect in the public understanding of global science…

49 MODERN UNVEILING…? l Each age interprets apocalypses in its own way... the millennium bug EI Nino, blood AIDS l Apocalyptic visions imply the environment is beyond our control... suggests we are freed from responsibility

50 REALIZING APOCALYPSE A potential for paralysis or inaction

51 GREENHOUSE EFFECT Greenhouse Effect Andrew Stewart THE END

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