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Qualifications Update: Care Qualifications Update: Care.

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1 Qualifications Update: Care Qualifications Update: Care

2 The Unit content is similar to the content of the current Care Higher. Units are: – Human Development and Behaviour (Psychology for Care) – Social Influences (Sociology for Care) – Values and Principles (V&P in Care) Units have more open and flexible learning contexts, making them suitable for a range of learning situations Outcomes are skills-based and provide flexibility by providing candidates choice of individual(s) to investigate for assessment Key messages: Units

3 The Care Higher Course builds on good practice and combines the best aspects of the current Care Higher and Mental Health Care Higher Courses There is progression from National 5 Care Project in terms of the structure – no planning and evaluation stages Opportunities for personalisation and choice for learners provided by a choice of briefs for candidates undertaking the Course Assessment Project Key messages: Course

4 needs of individuals human development at different stages of the lifespan effects of life experiences models of transition and loss care planning process positive care practice role of legislation sociological and psychological theories social influences on individuals relevance of sociological and psychological understanding for care work Topics that will be familiar to centres

5 The following will be new to centres delivering the current Care Higher : having a choice of the amount and type of content to teach in topics such as: – psychological theories – sociological theories topics such as: – explaining and analysing actions taken in society to improve the life chances of individuals Preparing candidates for Course Assessment Aspects that will be new to centres

6 Assessment Support Schedule 2013/14 Sept 13 CfE Update Letter Oct 13 Unit Assessment Support (Package 1) Feb 14 Unit Assessment Support (Package 2) Feb 14 Higher Specimen Question Paper Mar 14 Coursework General Assessment Information Apr 14 Unit Assessment Support (Package 3) May 14 Update Mandatory Documents Jun 14 Update Unit Assessment Support

7 Care Unit Assessment at Higher

8 Unit assessment - recap Flexible and open Assessment Standards and Evidence Requirements in Units Greater range of techniques and methodologies for assessment – encouraged Assessments can be designed to provide evidence across more than one outcome or Unit – combined assessments More opportunities to gather naturally occurring evidence – assessment as part of learning and teaching

9 Unit Assessment Support purpose As at National 5, Assessment Support will be provided which you can use to: Assess your candidates Adapt for your own assessment programmes Help you develop your own assessments

10 Unit Assessment Support at Higher – key features Valid from August 2014 Complements and supports learning and teaching Assess competence against Unit Outcomes and Assessment Standards Designed to encourage professional judgment Provide broad-based tasks – allow assessors to choose appropriate context and forms of evidence Show range of approaches to generating assessment evidence Give information on the type of evidence which could be gathered

11 Unit assessment support packages at Higher - approaches Package 1 Unit by Unit approach – discrete assessment tasks for each Unit Package 2 Portfolio approach – naturally occurring evidence Package 3 Combined approach – groups Outcomes and Assessment Standards from different Units

12 Assessment Support Package Example Unit by Unit Approach: all 3 Units are provided Look at Values and Principles Unit as an example of the key aspects of the Care Higher UASPs: -Overview of Assessment section indicates the general requirements for the Unit -Use the Judging Evidence Table for guidance on making assessment judgements (column 3) and guidance notes for the specific assessment task (column 4) -Re-assessment: for individual Assessment Standards, but in a new context -Appendix 1: Instructions for candidates

13 Workshop Aims To understand the assessment and evidence requirements of the Unit Assessment Support for the Higher Units provided To consider a range of ways of generating evidence for the Higher Unit Assessment Support provided

14 Workshop Task In small groups of 2-3, choose one Unit to look at and discuss: the assessment task in the Unit Assessment Support provided how to generate evidence for the Unit Assessment Support provided how to make assessment judgments for the Unit Assessment Support provided

15 Care Higher Course Assessment

16 Course Assessment at Higher Course Assessment at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher assesses Added Value Courses at Higher are normally assessed by one or two Components Courses at Higher are graded A – D, as at present Controlled Assessment of setting, conducting and marking For Care there is 1 Component – a Project

17 Higher Care Project The purpose of the project is to assess breadth and application of mandatory skills, knowledge and understanding for the Course The project will require learners to apply knowledge and understanding gained from the Units in a new context, which is provided by a brief Learners will have a choice of briefs to investigate

18 Higher Care Briefs Each brief will be phrased as a question to which the candidate has to respond by undertaking research and then presenting a written response, with a conclusion, in the form of a report. Examples of possible briefs include: – Should all care workers be qualified? – Is it always possible to create a positive care environment?

19 Higher Care: Word Count and Time Limit Word Count Currently - word counts for each stage of the Mental Health Care Higher. Care Higher – word count around 4,500 Time Limit Currently - time limit for the writing up of 2 stages of the Mental Health Care Higher Care Higher- no time limit will be given because the report will be produced in supervised, not controlled, conditions

20 Higher Care: Conditions of Assessment The project: will be carried out over a period of time and under supervision is worth 100 marks will be externally marked by SQA

21 Supervision and control The project will be conducted under some supervision and control. This means that although candidates may complete part of the work outwith the learning and teaching setting, assessors should put in place processes for monitoring progress and ensuring that the work is the candidate’s own and that plagiarism has not taken place.

22 Examples of supervision ♦ regular checkpoint/progress meetings with candidates ♦ short spot-check personal interviews ♦ checklists which record activity/progress ♦ photographs, film or audio evidence

23 Higher Care: Preparing for Course Assessment All knowledge and understanding underpinning the project will be covered within the units Opportunities will have to be provided to develop some skills not assessed within the Units, to prepare for Course Assessment eg: – Planning a big piece of work; time management – Report writing – Gathering and using references appropriately

24 Progression from National 5 Project: Structure of Project National 5 has marks allocated to three sections: – Plan (10) – Responding to the brief (70) – Evaluation (20) Higher has all marks allocated to responding to the brief (100)

25 Progression from National 5 Project: Format of the brief National 5 brief: – Provides a choice of format - information booklet, report – Is similar to the Units in that there has to be reference to a specific individual Higher brief – Format is set as a written report – Provides a topic to reserach: moves away from having to focus on an individual

26 Workshop 2: Aim To understand the requirements of Higher Course Assessments Materials provided: – FIOCA: Further Information on Course Assessment – Draft list of prompts with mark allocation: still under development

27 Workshop 2: Task Following on from your discussion in Workshop 1, and using the materials provided, discuss: the requirements of the Higher Course Assessment how these requirements build on the Higher Units how these requirements build on National 5

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