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ONIX for Licensing Terms Brian Green, EDItEUR. International umbrella body for book and serials sector standards development Originally a European project.

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1 ONIX for Licensing Terms Brian Green, EDItEUR

2 International umbrella body for book and serials sector standards development Originally a European project - now international - members in 20 countries Develops and maintains standards for product information (ONIX), EDI, RFID in Libraries, rights expression etc. Manages ICEDIS and the International ISBN Agency EDItEUR

3 What is ONIX? A family of XML formats for communicating rich metadata about books, serials and other published media, using common data elements XML Schemas, DTDs and user documentation Developed and maintained by EDItEUR through a growing number of partnerships with other organisations

4 ONIX for Books ONIX for Books adopted by book trades of Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany, France, Korea, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Spain and Finland First release in 2000, Release 3 in 2007 A trade standard, but used by Library of Congress, Deutsche Bibliothek and others for CIP metadata supplied by publishers and enhancing OPACS RDA/ONIX discussions on common framework

5 ONIX for Serials An EDItEUR – NISO collaboration through a Joint Working Party (JWP) Being piloted as a series of messages to support exchanges of metadata between publishers, doc del, A&I services and libraries A growing set of XML building blocks that can be combined in different ways to form messages for particular application needs Identified the need to express usage rights

6 ONIX for Serials Serials Online Holdings (SOH) a format for delivering details of the electronic holdings to which the library has access, and to populate resolution servers Serials Products and Subscriptions (SPS) (a) Communication of journal product catalogue information through the supply chain (b) Communication of details of subscriptions held by an individual library or a consortium

7 ONIX for Serials Serials Release Notification (SRN) A journal issue and article level format to be used for communicating details of printed or electronic content as it is released Coverage A structure for XML holdings statements, print or electronic To be incorporated into the SOH and SPS formats

8 Licensing terms - the problem Growth of digital collections in libraries Need to automate electronic resource management Variation in licence terms What are library users permitted to do? Under what conditions? Which classes of users are permitted to do what? What exceptions are there to what they are permitted to do? How can publishers help libraries comply with licence terms?

9 What libraries say they want Expression of rights rights expressed in machine readable form Dissemination of rights ensuring that whenever a resource is described its rights are also described Exposure of rights user sees the rights information associated with a resource Intrallect DRM report for JISC

10 …in other words Machine-readable license terms loadable into ERM systems A standard mechanism for the communication of unambiguous licensing information within the library supply chain Compatible with other metadata standards i.e. XML - based using standard identifiers an ONIX for Licensing Terms

11 Licence is expressed in XML (ONIX-PL) Applicable repertoire is attached in ONIX format Sent to libraries Electronic Resource Management (ERM) System as electronic message ERM system looks after user authentication ERM system links actionable terms (e.g. permitted and prohibited usages and related conditions) to relevant resources User informed of usage terms when resource is accessed How will it work?

12 DLF ERMI project US Digital Libraries Federations Electronic Resource Management Initiative delivered Problem Definition/Road Map Functional Requirements & Workflow Diagram Data Element Dictionary (including licensing terms) Electronic Resources Management System Data Structure XML Investigation

13 EDItEUR review of ERMI ERMI is a valuable starting point for the development of such a communication standard but required further development To meet requirements of extensibility and interoperability, licensing terms require organising into an (onto)logical structure Proposed proof of concept exercise (jointly funded by JISC and PLS)

14 First JISC PALS project Negotiation and mapping of publisher licence - BIC, John Wiley and Cranfield University ONIX Publications License (ONIX-PL) message format specification published on EDItEUR website First release of elements of the ONIX Licensing Terms Dictionary Complete expression of the Wiley EAL Academic License

15 Second JISC PALS project Specification of publisher tools and library benefits – BIC, ALPSP, Loughborough University Specification of drafting tools to facilitate mapping of licenses to ONIX-PL format Evaluation of benefits of electronic expression of licensing terms

16 NISO / DLF / EDItEUR / PLS License Expression Working Group (LEWG) A wide cross-section of stakeholders to Guide and review the work of EDItEUR consultants. Participate in pilot testing. Bring their expertise and awareness of licensing and technology to keep the group's work relevant and complete. Co-chaired by Nathan Robertson (DLF / ERMI) and Alicia Wise (PLS)

17 Follow-up extension projects Development of an ONIX-PL license expression drafting system (JISC / PLS / EDItEUR) to allow both licensors and licensees to create ONIX-PL expressions of their licenses and to revise drafts in the negotiation process based on the use of a library of public templates which can be modified to create new private templates representing the users preferred form of license. Map JISC model licences as templates

18 ONIX-PL License Editor Web-based system architecture server-based license management browser-based user interface Open Source development environment Apache Tomcat (Java Servlet platform) Orbeon Presentation Server (XForms application server)

19 Planned features Three user roles will be supported: template development license preparation license approval Templates will be based upon expressions of model license terms maintained by EDItEUR, or upon existing templates Individual license expressions will be forms that are generated automatically from templates, with gaps to be filled in by the user

20 Planned features The system will support two views of a license expression: Form view, used for editing Page view, used for comparing a complete license with a the paper-based original The next slide shows what part of a license might look like in form view…

21 ONIX-PL License Editor

22 JISC workshops with librarians In November JISC Collections facilitated workshops in London and Edinburgh with the user community to find out more … and to find out how JISC Collections can work towards meeting the needs of the community Over 100 delegates attended the workshops, representing university libraries across the UK The delegates identified the top five priorities regarding licences for online resources

23 Their top priority JISC Collections to provide its community with Licence Agreements in a machine readable format – ready for Electronic Resource Management Systems

24 Related work in progress Workshop on ONIX-PL implementation with DLF and Library management system vendors in Boston, 18/19 December Work with International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) on ONIX for Repertoire and other messages based on ONIX for Licensing Terms Work with Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP) project on expression of access and usage terms to search engines and others

25 Useful URLs EDItEUR: ERMI: ACAP: License Expression Working group

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