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The story of my first marriage. . .

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1 The story of my first marriage. . .
Things Fall Apart The story of my first marriage. . .

2 Preconceptions of Africa
In your notes, free-write for two minutes on what comes to mind when you listen to the excerpt about Africa from Joseph Conrad’s novel, The Heart of Darkness What images do you see? What words leap out at you? What conclusions can you draw based on the descriptions? Be prepared to share your thoughts during class discussion

3 Chinua Achebe Born in southern Nigeria 1930
Raised by Christian parents Learned English in the missionary schools Dissatisfied by Colonialist’s account of Africa Published Things Fall Apart in 1958 through a company in England

4 The Igbo People Southeastern Nigeria
One of several peoples in the region Over eight million people today

5 Igbo Religion and Beliefs
Ancestry Worship The Oracle/Diviner Masks and Egwugwu Week of Peace Feast of the New Yam Polytheistic “Chukwu” “Chi” Ancestry Worship: one must appease the spirits of the dead in order to be successful Oracle: one who communes with the gods; gives advice to create a healthy society Egwugwu: one becomes the dead ancestor when donning the mask Week of Peace: before the planting of yam seeds; pleases the gods for an abundant harvest Feast of New Yam: celebration before harvesting to honor Ani, the earth goddess and ancestors Chukwu: the supreme god

6 Igbo Culture Foods Yams, palm oil, kola nut Yams = men’s work Polygamy
Proverbs “If one finger brought oil, it soiled the others” “If a child washes his hands, he can eat with kings” American samples?

7 Christian Missionaries
Arrived in Nigeria in late 19th Century Some were comprised of former British slaves 1792:1000 ex-slaves Established schools, hospitals, and churches Sometimes used harsh governing methods Ex: slaughter entire communities; take village elders hostage; pay Africans to rule harshly

8 Reading Strategy: Predict
Make three predictions as to what will happen in this story. You may comment on setting, character, conflict, or plot.

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