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Learning & Teaching Stories: Benefits of Using Real World Data Dr Jackie Carter Senior Manager: Learning &Teaching and Social Science Data Services.

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1 Learning & Teaching Stories: Benefits of Using Real World Data Dr Jackie Carter Senior Manager: Learning &Teaching and Social Science Data Services

2 Acknowledgments Learning & Teaching team Laura Shaw Kenny Baird Service teams Celia Russell Justin Hayes Gail Millin- Chalabi Consultant Sarah Currier

3 Mimas

4 The L&T Stories Project How Mimas services impact the student experience

5 Context Impact? In Search of Narratives

6 »Leitch Review of Skills report, 2006 (Prosperity for all in the global economy) »Economic & Social Research Council. 2009. Building a world class social science research base in quantitative methods: a national strategy. ESRC Society Today. »MacInnes, John. 2009. Proposals to support and improve the teaching of quantitative research methods at undergraduate level in the UK. ESRC Society Today. Quantitative%20Methods_tcm6-35465.pdf »UK Commission for Employment and Skills. 2009. Ambition 2020: world class skills and jobs for the UK: the 2009 report: key findings and implications for action. »Higher Ambitions »Skills for growth Context of skills agenda: references


8 Context Strategic Adviser Report Dec 2009

9 Services and teachers involved Mimas serviceParticipantsStory details ESDS International Paul Turner, Loughborough University Second year undergraduate course in econometrics Nick Weaver, Manchester University Applied economics course for first year economics students; Applied Development Economics Project (ADEP): MSc in Development Economics and Policy; Masters level applied economics project with an evidence-based approach (planned for 09/10 academic year). CDU (Casweb) Prof. Philip Rees, Prof. John Stillwell, Dr. Myles Gould, Helen Durham, and Holly Shulman, Leeds University Using census data to teach human geography to second year undergraduates over two semesters: research methods, MAUP and ethnic populations. Intute Virtual Training Suite Liz Wright & Joe Newsome, Librarians, Doncaster College (Liz supports FE students, Joe HE students). Information skills training for new FE students in subject group cohorts, and for library assistants to ensure they can support students; Information skills and academic writing training for HE students (undergrad and taught Masters) in English, social sciences, law, criminology and education. Internet Detective Cynthia Patterson, University of South Florida Polytechnic Academic writing and information literacy skills for applied degree students coming from community colleges and the workplace: annotated bibliographies assignment and using the Internet for companies analysis report assignment. Bex Ferriday, Cornwall College, St Austell Campus Using Internet Detective to support information literacy and academic writing and research for people gaining teaching qualifications. LandmapJoanne Cheesborough, Sheffield Hallam University Groundtruthing with Landmap – Undergraduate Education and GIS at Sheffield Hallam University.

10 The Aims and Outputs Collective showcase of benefits of Mimas services to L&T community How do Mimas services support skills base of undergraduates and taught postgraduates? Focus on employability

11 The stories in development

12 Census Dissemination Unit - Casweb Casweb web interface to census aggregate outputs and digital boundary data

13 The Modifiable Areal Unit Problem: Ethnicity in Leeds

14 University of Leeds Holly Shulman, Myles Gould, John Stillwell, Helen Durham Teaching with Census data

15 Modifiable Areal Unit Problem Lost Data

16 ESDS International

17 Using Real Data University of Loughborough Paul Turner Teaching with International Time Series data A students journey through econometrics data Screencams of teaching resources at and 2nd Year Project work Student feedback

18 University of Manchester Nick Weaver Teaching with International Time Series data Applied Development Economics Project ADEP Scientific approach to data

19 Landmap

20 »Real Data Real World »Helping economics students keep it realHelping economics students keep it real »Census data: from the real world for the real worldCensus data: from the real world for the real world Two news items – quick wins

21 Presentations and Publications EDULEARN10 ELI2010 CNI Spring Meeting IASSIST 2010 ESRC Research Methods Festival JISC/CNI Conference ALT-C

22 »Direct contact with teachers Through routes that teachers feel are authoritative Find innovative ways for service staff to build direct relationships with key academics teaching in all subject areas Recommendations: 1

23 Picasso in his studio: Source the-ocular-rape/ »Utilise existing networks, conferences and journals Promote Mimas services specifically for L&T in forums where teaching staff may look Be targeted Produce short pithy articles with visual examples Recommendations: 2

24 »Theme 3- Support open sharing of L&T materials developed around Mimas services Open Educational Resources (OER) Embed services into L&T Put materials where the users are Maximise academic exposure to ideas to support their teaching Recommendations: 3

25 »Keep services usable and current Up to date Available Integrated with other services Recommendations: 4

26 Digital story telling User focused, benefits-led stories Promotion vs. Service Support Evidence base Mimas services add value Data/statistical skills deficit Work in partnership Open resources/ open data/ data citation


28 The sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians… I do think those skillsof being able to access, understand, and communicate the insights you get from data analysisare going to be extremely important. Managers need to be able to access and understand the data themselves. Hal Varian on how the Web challenges managers Googles chief economist says executives in wired organizations need a sharper understanding of how technology empowers innovation. McKinsey Quarterly at

29 Thank you and questions Twitter: JackieCarter


31 »Point One Point One One Point One One One Point One One »Second Point »Third of the points »Another point, the fourth one Title and content slide

32 Title only slide

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