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JISC Information Environment Service Registry (IESR) Amanda Hill, Pete Johnston, Ann Apps.

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1 JISC Information Environment Service Registry (IESR) Amanda Hill, Pete Johnston, Ann Apps

2 2005-07-14Distributed Service Registries Workshop2 From collections to services Interest in collection-level description for resource disclosure/discovery –Collection as aggregation of items –Having selected collection, agent wants access to collection –Collection made available by services Also emergence of Web Services –Modular applications available over Web protocols How can agent –discover/select relevant services? –obtain sufficient information to interact with services (access point, interface)?

3 JISC e-Lib 1997199819992000200120022003200420052006 RSLP RSLP CD DC CD WG NISO MI Web Services UDDI Metasearch products Service-oriented approaches

4 2005-07-14Distributed Service Registries Workshop4 Research Support Libraries Programme Support for UK academic research Improve disclosure/discovery of, access to collections Improve collaborative management of collections Recognition of collection-level description as important mechanism for disclosure/discovery Need for consistent approach to CLD –Within RSLP & beyond

5 2005-07-14Distributed Service Registries Workshop5 RSLP CD Model/Schema Entity-Relation model (Michael Heaney, Univ of Oxford) –Implementation independent –Intended to be applicable to wide range of collections –Informed by IFLA FRBR model –Models structures not transactions Metadata schema (Andy Powell, UKOLN) –DC "application profile" –Expresses subset of RSLP model Collection, Location, Agents –Simplification of model Relations as elements/properties –RDF binding

6 RSLP CD Model

7 RSLP CD Schema Collection Location is-located-in m n administers mn Agent collects n m owns n m

8 2005-07-14Distributed Service Registries Workshop8 RSLP CD Model/Schema Implementation by RSLP projects –Mostly describing physical library/archive collections –Mostly delivered via stand-alone Web sites –Initially, at least, little m2m interaction Some work carried forward in e.g. CC-Interop Collection Description Focus @ UKOLN Significant influence on other initiatives –The European Library (TEL) –IMLS Collection Register –Enrich-UK (portal for digitisation programme) –Cornucopia (UK museum collections) But concerns over status, ownership, visibility, persistence, maintenance, etc

9 2005-07-14Distributed Service Registries Workshop9 Dublin Core Collection Description Application Profile Project of DCMI Collection Description Working Group Specification of "core" set of properties for describing collections –Suitable for a broad range of collections –Primarily to support discovery and selection of collections Informed by experience of RSLP, others (incl. IESR) Building on Heaney E-R model Collection properties (only) of RSLP CD schema as starting point for WG discussion –exclude Location, Agent, Service description (for now…)

10 DC CD AP Collection Location is-located-in m n Service is-made-available-by m 1 administers n m Agent collects m n owns m n

11 2005-07-14Distributed Service Registries Workshop11 NISO Metasearch Initiative Bringing together content providers, system vendors, library service providers, standards developers –"To identify, develop, and frame the standards and other common understandings that are needed to enable an efficient and robust information environment" –Access Management, Collection/Service Description, Search & Retrieval For collection description –adopt/build on DC CD AP –extensions/adaptations (e.g. collection completeness) For service description, see Rob's presentation! NISO MI not building service, not specifying architecture

12 JISC Information Environment Service Registry (IESR) Amanda Hill, Pete Johnston, Ann Apps

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