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The MICHAEL project in the UK, France and Italy Kate Fernie, Richard Blandin and Giuliana De Francesco.

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1 The MICHAEL project in the UK, France and Italy Kate Fernie, Richard Blandin and Giuliana De Francesco

2 About us MLA is the English lead strategic agency for the museums, libraries and archives sector and UK government advisor on digitisation MCC is the French government ministry responsible for preserving and developing the cultural inheritance. Its remit ranges from encouraging creation of works of art to promoting access to culture and includes galleries, museums and heritage sites MiBAC is the Italian government ministry responsible for preservation of and access to cultural heritage and for promotion and enhancement of cultural activities, performing arts and sport. Its remit includes state museums and galleries, archaeological sites, built heritage, libraries, archives and the intangible heritage.

3 MICHAEL Launching a European online service to enable the European cultural heritage to be promoted to a worldwide audience

4 The beginnings MICHAEL project: Funded by the eTEN programme 36 months to June 2007 France, Italy and the UK –33 m euros National investment in digitisation –3.3 m euros from the EU 3 national agencies and –Dédale, AJLSM and Amitié

5 Investing in digitisation Since the 1990s: France - State and local authority programmes involving hundreds of cultural institutions in digitising their collections. Italy - MiBAC, regional and local organisations have invested in the digitisation of cultural collections from across the sectors UK - funding from various sources - NOF, Digitise, Renaissance in the Regions, Designation Challenge Fund, RSLP, AHRB and others – enabling digitisation of collections by museums, libraries, archives Building a diverse digital offer

6 Revealing collections In the UK the 1997 Treasures in Trust report called for a way of recognising the richness and diversity of our collections Cornucopia catalogue of physical collections held by museums and public libraries Similar catalogues in France and Italy

7 Digital collections Shared need for retrieval tools: MINERVA work on Inventories France Catalogue des fonds culturels numérisés –SDX platform Building blocks for MICHAEL

8 MICHAEL A common approach for digital cultural heritage inventories A tool for revealing national digital offer Support for multilingualism

9 A distributed platform Open source software National instances with national databases Sharing metadata to contribute to European services

10 Implementations in France, Italy and the UK Sharing expertise to prepare system and user documentation National strategies for data collection underway Public interfaces about to be launched! Progress

11 MICHAEL in France Key dates 2001 Creation of the Catalogue of digital cultural collections 2004 Start of MICHAEL 2005New version of the data base and public interface

12 Some facts about the French catalogue Records 394 institutions 956 collections 134 services User statistics 10-12,000 visits per month 200-300,000 pages views per month

13 Institutions by type

14 Collections by type of institutions

15 Main type of digitized documents

16 Patrimoine numérique New web sites

17 Place

18 Showcase

19 Professional space

20 News

21 Dossiers

22 MICHAEL in Italy MiBAC is coordinating national activities and implementing the platform in partnership with CASPUR No comprehensive inventory of digital collections A varied landscape: –Several dispersed data bases online and offline describing institutions, digital and physical collections –Several unpublished data based on local surveys and census MICHAEL offers the opportunity to give unique public access to all this data

23 Sharing data We will share data with ongoing initiatives including: Internet Culturale –Digital collections belonging to State libraries Anagrafe delle biblioteche italiane –15,000 libraries Anagrafe degli archivi –137 State Archives (SIAS) –Non-State archives (SIUSA)

24 Next steps Migrating data from existing data bases Archaeology DC survey (about 100 digital collections belonging to Archaeology Offices) Integrating MICHAEL into national initiatives underway National Archival Service (SAN) Italian Culture Portal –

25 Populating the system Bringing together three separate domains: regions, universities and ministry institutions Tools: bilateral agreements and partnerships. –Survey existing inventories and digital collections all over Italy –Enter new data into the MICHAEL system –Update data regularly

26 Italian Regions Regions and MiBAC share responsibilities on preserving, cataloguing and enhancing the local heritage 10 Regions are submitting projects: –describing digital collections belonging to cultural institutions on their territory from January 2006 All 20 Regions will be involved later

27 CRUI is in charge of university libraries and museums census and provides expertise and support Ministry of Education, University and Research will ensure dissemination of MICHAEL for educational purposes Universities 77 public and private Universities with both museums and libraries

28 Ministry institutions 420 museums, monuments and archaeological sites 134 archives and sections 47 libraries Significant investments in digitisation over the last 10 years; All digital collections funded by MiBAC will be described in MICHAEL by the end of 2006

29 MICHAEL in Italy Technical Advisory Group Made up of experts and professionals from the three sectors involved Currently dealing with: –IT Manual for Collection Description –Public interface: functional requirements and design –Terminology

30 MICHAEL-IT: Access Public interface: a first draft

31 MICHAEL in the UK






37 Resource discovery?

38 MICHAEL in the UK

39 Information services UK-wide database –Implementing standards and agreed vocabularies –Working with partners –Welsh language interface Multiple information services –UK-wide –Regional, subject specialist views –Libraries, archives, museums views –European services

40 MICHAEL in Europe Content harvested from France, Italy and the UK Support for multiple languages Gives users easy and quick access to content from trusted sources Future expansion...

41 Any questions?

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