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Dulwich OnView The Blog of The Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery.

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1 Dulwich OnView The Blog of The Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery

2 People Like Us Formal Gallery setting Meeting the neighbours Recommended to me by my friends "People trust people like us" - Edelman Trust Survey Yang May Ooi

3 Advantages of a Blog New trends in consuming info/ news Passive v. active Formal website (Web 1.0) v. blog (Web 2.0) Low/ no cost Yang May Ooi

4 Blogging Objectives Guerilla marketing - overt v. "secret" mission Outreach to those who don't identify as "Gallery types" New demographics by interest Reflected in volunteers/ contributors Yang May Ooi

5 So what is Dulwich OnView? People coming together to create an online magazine. Mission statement 'Secret' mission statement Steve Slack

6 Music, Art, Architecture

7 People, Allotments, Wine

8 Supporting local causes and gaining friends and links

9 Strengthening the Friends "roots in the community" "Looking at the pictures and reading about the different roads has brought back so many memories of my childhood, and teenage years." Thank you so much. Beryl Chandler Web 2.0 feedback comments interactivity dialogue links in and out online social media

10 Why have a blog? Easy to use "Google Juice" Social Media It's interactive (now 10 comments) Angie Macdonald

11 How it all works Team work The Co-Editor's role Online Collaboration Angie Macdonald

12 Success Stories Training Interns New Careers Friends Angie Macdonald

13 DPG v DOV websites Different and complementary Posts Behind the scenes Ingrid Beazley

14 Independent views Peer reviews – more believable? Ingrid Beazley

15 the informal Gal lery staff Making Dulwich Picture Gallery the Most Famous Gallery in the World Another idea… asking Tracey Emin and or Damien Hirst to be our artist in residence for two weeks in 2011. I thought of asking Banksy to cover the gallery in graffiti. I know if it works Ill be fired, but what the hell…. Kate Knowles, Head of Communications Write your ideas in the comment box below.

16 Promoting Gallery events with related articles

17 Increasing links to DPG website

18 Relationship of DOV with DPG through the Friends maintaining independence from the Gallery reinforcing its support role more status than a purely community blog explaining the frequent links from the DPG website allowing the staff to trust DOV more than with a totally community led initiative the contributors to DOV are covered by the Friends insurance

19 Stats Graph of hits

20 Search engine terms People are NOT searching for Dulwich Picture Gallery Top search terms Flamenco – 22% St Sebastian (4) – 18% Dulwich OnView (2) – 11% Increasing as we become better Known Edward Scissorhands - 8% Dulwich Picture Gallery – 2% 98% are not looking for DPG, but we send 33% of onward clickers to DPG

21 Which websites do visitors come from? 28% Organisations we have written articles about (we encourage reciprocal links) 25% Local information sites/forums 14% Dulwich Picture Gallery (many different links) 12% Other blogs Wikipedia (from Jan) – 3% Facebook – 9% Flickr – 4% Twitter – 2%

22 Where do they go? We have hundreds of outgoing links The most obvious and numerous are to DPG 33% out going clicks are to DPG related websites (main and flickr) 20% to DPGs home page, whats on, and exhibitions 13% to Flickr

23 Web traffic between DPG & DOV 33% out going clicks are to DPG related websites 14% incoming from Dulwich Picture Gallery (many different links) Dulwich Picture GalleryDulwich OnView 14% 33% 2009 DPG had incoming traffic from 2,764 different sources DOV sent the 9th largest number of visits (1%)

24 Joint responsiblility

25 Future? Plan to organise an online art competition to promote next exhibition via DOV Increasingly being recognised as an alternative marketing tool

26 You are welcome to visit the Gallery Please show your badges

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