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Moving materials from Intranet to VLE Andy Diament Penzance.

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1 Moving materials from Intranet to VLE Andy Diament Penzance

2 Reasons for project Repurpose existing material Explore how to write eLearning materials and activities Explore VLE in depth Learning & Teaching Technical

3 Existing materials Developed for trial with commercial VLE Content Web pages (Created in Dreamweaver) Quizzes (Created in Hot Potatoes) Presented in 2 courses Presented with frames Information & Communication for AS Physics (applicable to ICT/Computing/Music Technology)

4 Moodle Moodle is undoubtedly the premier open source VLE Course Centred interface (FERL Constructivist pedagogy Ease of Use – student / teacher Clear default interface Moving towards accessibility standards Supportive community

5 Activities to move materials Convert HTML to lessons Convert Hot Potatoes Quizzes to Moodle quizzes Introduce Uploadable assignments Glossary tasks Discussion forums & Chat Interactive spreadsheet

6 Problems Copyright material Tried Importing Hot Potatoes quizzes without editing Backup/restore format Database failure

7 Evaluation With AS physics group Replaced conventional lessons for 1 week Mostly positive response Successful outcomes: Easy navigation Success in quizzes Final test result exceed predicted grades Concerns Too much material presented in lessons

8 Benefits for students Change of activity Suits learning styles (of most) Material always available Can see progress Collaborative tools available Shared glossary printable for revision

9 Benfits for Practitioner Better understanding of effective eLearning activities In depth knowledge of installation / maintaining moodle Learnt from / contributed to community Enhanced database skills

10 Benefit to colleagues Other colleagues want to move from Intranet to VLE In depth knowledge to pass on teaching/learning technical Feed into staff development Development plan

11 Future use of materials Improved since trial: Minor errors Replace copyright imagery with own Check links Improved order (glossary task at start)

12 Deliverables Information Leaflet Report This presentation Original materials (html) Course (moodle backup) Installation guide

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