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What the inspectors say Demonstrating Transformation.

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1 What the inspectors say Demonstrating Transformation

2 Ofsted and ILT – 2004 Becta survey Ofsted post-16 inspectors are recording good, insufficient and ineffective use of ILT in colleges All reports published between April - October 2004 recorded some reference to ILT References mainly under curriculum areas, but also as top level strengths and weaknesses

3 Ofsted and ILT – 2004 Becta survey Inspectors recorded more positive references to ILT use than negative ones But failure to use ILT is emerging in colleges overall listed weaknesses There is a clear correlation between good/ outstanding overall grades and positive references to ILT

4 Ofsted and ILT – 25 recent reports



7 Comments matching the 3 themes of Demonstrating Transformation The college collects and uses a wide range of management information. Targets are set and monitored carefully. The majority of classrooms are equipped with a computer, although some teachers make insufficient use of ILT during lessons. There is little use of ILT for learning and students are not encouraged sufficiently to develop independent learning skills.

8 ALI and ILT – 2004 reports from ACL providers and learndirect No direct reference to ILT as such But ACL providers now working on ILT strategies ACL sector provided with JANET connection WBL sector will follow It is expected that these sectors will follow FE in the adoption of ILT where appropriate

9 ALI and ILT – Comments from recent reports Hub and learning centre managers do not use data effectively to manage or improve training programmes. There are insufficient strategies to support differentiation in foundation. Resources to support learners with specific learning difficulties are limited. There is an over-reliance on worksheets, handouts and mock assessment papers in many sessions. Roles for ILT clearly evident in ALI-inspected provision

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