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Next Generation Work What does it mean for you?

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1 Next Generation Learning @ Work What does it mean for you?

2 Prosperity for all – developing World Class Skills Global pressure and competition UK skills fundamentally weak – China and India have 40% of their population at graduate level ( we are at 29%) – Intermediate and technical skills lag behind Germany and France – Impact of potential global economic downturn Is this OK? Is this acceptable for this country? Need to up-skill at all levels to become a world leader by 2020

3 Little bit of history Thomas Kirkwood 1839 – first Henley RegattaHenley Regatta Agnes Kirkwood 1862 – Anna arrived in Bangkok to teach the children of the King of Siam Anna – Invention of plastic and the machine gun machine gun Agnes Paterson 1888 – Burroughs patented the adding machine and Eastman patented the first Kodak cameraKodak camera – Van Gogh painted the Sunflowers Sunflowers Agnes Macdonald 1913 – Transatlantic sailings resume – Crossword puzzle and the bra were inventedbra

4 Little bit of history Helen Macdonald – 1930 – Scotch Tape Scotch Tape – Frozen food – Jet engine Lesley Price 1957 – Hydrogen Bomb – Fortran, first programming language – First computer to be shipped with a hard disk drive that contained 50 24-inch platters and was capable of storing 5MB of data. First computer

5 Vision of the Future 1960s

6 Vision of the future 1960s Central paved courtyard Large tarmac playground Four storey teaching block Two storey workshop Science block and a two storey house Sports Hall added to the school with Sport England funding in 1995.

7 Coming up to date…. Natalie 1984 – CD Rom and Apple Mac invented – The 3.5-inch floppy diskette is introduced and later becomes an industry standard – More that 10m computers are being used in the US. – 1991 The beginning of the World Wide Web – 1995 Ebay and Hotmail launched – 1998 Google is founded – 2000 The Millennium Bug didnt destroy the world! – 2001 The introduction of the Ipod – 2005 YouTube introduced – 2008 14,011,745 concurrent Skype users were online as of October 20, 2008

8 My daughter is a teacher!

9 Todays World

10 So What? As of December 31, 2007 Skype had 276 million user accounts. Users may have more than one account, and it is not possible to identify users with multiple accounts. What is Facebook, MySpace, U Tube, Bebo, Second Life etc.? Do I need to know, and does it matter? My daughter had to unlock access to her world……. Do you allow Web 2.0 technologies? Do you ban it? Do you manage it? Or are you embracing it?

11 We are now in the world of….. Next Generation Learning…… And its not just about the young…. Its about learning in a different way…The Next Generation Way It offers you, your clients and your learners the potential to do what Heineken have been saying for years…it can reach the parts that others cannot reach

12 So what is Next Generation Learning @ Work? Achieve more with less – by optimising limited budgets and time Reduce carbon footprint – by reducing travel & meeting costs Improve competitiveness – by responding quickly to changing business needs Improve productivity – through staff who have the skills and knowledge when they need. Gain fast access to learning – that is available 24x7 at the point of need Address statutory learning effectively– meeting compliance requirements easily and economically Harness Informal learning – by connecting learners with resources and experts Extend qualification and CPD opportunities – by providing flexible options

13 Are you planning - or are you building an aeroplane midflight?

14 Contact… Lesley Price Becta Millburn Hill Road Science Park Coventry CV4 7JJ T+44 (0)24 7641 6994 F+44 (0)24 7641 1418

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