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Develop Basic Skills through Citizenship learning Tuesday 3rd February 2009.

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1 Develop Basic Skills through Citizenship learning Tuesday 3rd February 2009

2 Cathy Robinson 14 – 19 Site Manager Fareport Training Organisation Limited Introducing: Alicia Palmer & Charlotte Adams Learners on the Fareport 14 -19 Steps to Success Programme

3 Fareport Training Organisation A Work Based Learning Provider on the South Coast 14-19 Entry to Employment programme Functional, Essential & Key Skills Apprenticeships Train to Gain Adult NVQs in Health & Social Care, Child Care and Business Admin

4 Citizenship and Fareport Fareport have delivered Citizenship as a mandatory subject within e2e for over six years One day a week is given over to Citizenship issues and projects can last from two days to a year!

5 Impact of Citizenship on Fareport as an organisation Fareports reputation within the industry has grown The programme delivery has been identified as a strength by Ofsted It has helped to meet contract by aiding retention, progression and qualification targets Fareport has gained respect in the local community owing to the publicity gained locally and nationally

6 Other benefits Citizenship enables easy inclusion of other government agendas such as ECM, Learner Voice and Innovation Nation It enables staff to gain free training from the LSN even a qualification Citizenship CPD delivered through Warwick University It enables staff to deliver a structured programme in areas that previously have not been delivered this way such as e2e

7 What do we mean by basic skills? Citizenship has helped our learners to develop the following : - Literacy, Numeracy and I.C.T. - Communication Skills - Personal and social skills - Practical skills - Empathy

8 Impact of Citizenship on Learners Citizenship is learner led Learning Citizenship can be fun Citizenship is topical as current affairs that are important to the learners are covered It gives the learners transferable skills that can aid progression It provides natural evidence for qualifications

9 Personal Skills The learning is personalised by the learner, they decide on topics and vehicles for learning Learners experience being teachers! Learners gain a passion to make change and have a voice in the community Learners can see the impact and change they have made in the community

10 Learners favourite activities The learners favourite events include: Crime and Punishment - Jack the Ripper tour Children In Need Victoria Climbie (ECM) Participation of LSN competitions Celebrating Cultural traditions

11 Participation of LSN and other Competitions Its a Load of Rubbish. Recycling play performed at Londons Festival Theatre The Euro. DVD about the Euro in the UK Silence the Violence. CD of a rap about gun crime performed live in Sheffield Make a Difference (CVS) Gardening and painting intergeneration project. Runner up in the Best Bridge Building award e2e promotional DVD for the LSC- Highly Commended

12 Learner Forum Held monthly Changes made include: - Timetable options - Food available in tuck shop - Further staff training identified - Change in Connexions support - Positive star system in place - More outside speakers and enrichment trips

13 My Top Ten Tips! Gain SMT backing by selling the benefits of a Citizenship programme Ensure Citizenship is delivered through a range of vehicles and topics Make the most of LSN training and resources Dont be afraid to allow your learners to lead the programme Ensure evaluations, summaries and trends are acted upon

14 Shout about it! Tell your colleagues, bosses and other organisation what you are doing Link your Citizenship to new agendas such as Learner Voice, Innovation, ECM Celebrate Citizenship with high profile events around key dates such as Children In Need and World Aids Day Dont mistake being a good Citizen with being an active citizen. Do the underpinning political knowledge KEEP IT FUN!

15 Activity – Card Sort Staff Training Tool- How to use practical learning activities and empower the learner Lay out the blue subject cards in a vertical line Now decide what activity card you think would suit the subject card Next decide what qualification card you would be able to match to the subject and activity Looking at your horizontal line, place the power card on- top of the activity cards that you think will develop the learners basic skills. Use the post-it notes to write down what those skills are!

16 Any Questions? Thank you for watching…

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