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The Hair Shaft S.Pocklington.

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1 The Hair Shaft S.Pocklington

2 The Three Layers The medulla The Cortex The cuticle S.Pocklington

3 The cuticle The cuticle is the outer layer of the shaft.
This is the first layer to show any type of damage The closed cuticle feels smooth S.Pocklington

4 The cuticle The cuticle is slightly raised in this picture
If you were to run your finger down this shaft you would feel the damage S.Pocklington

5 The cuticle The damage to this shaft is caused by the hair being over processed when perming. S.Pocklington

6 The cortex The extend of the damaged cuticle in this picture exposes the cortex. This could have been caused by the over possessing of colour treatments. S.Pocklington

7 The cortex The whole shaft has shattered in this picture.
This could have been caused by incorrect choice of perm lotion. S.Pocklington

8 The cortex When you tug wet hair to comb through you stretch the hair shaft, if you tug too hard you will cause this type of damage. S.Pocklington

9 The cortex Detangling hair from root to point will cause split ends

10 The cortex Knotting hair will cause pressure on the cuticle and cortex, leading the hair to break. S.Pocklington

11 Healthy looking hair Think every time you handle hair you need to be careful not to damage the cuticle. When the cuticle is smooth it reflects the light and gives a shiny appearance. S.Pocklington

12 THE END. S.Pocklington

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