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Tony Gallagher HMI Citizenship – a youth work context

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1 Tony Gallagher HMI Citizenship – a youth work context

2 Context Youth work Non compulsory curriculum
Youth service-LA, voluntary and community sector, defined by faith or creed Self determination Voluntary participation Youth work. Proactive and reactive Needs arising from young people Inspection outcomes confirm great variability in quality.

3 The 3 citizenship strands – a useful youth work tool?
Knowledge and understanding: Enquiry and communication: Participation and responsible action: Ofsted framework for inspection-a useful citizenship tool ? Young people’s success in responding to and achieving challenging targets set and negotiated for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding. Young people’s personal development, including their attitudes, values and self-confidence. Young people’s ability to function socially and politically as both autonomous individuals and responsible members of a community

4 Citizenship impact in youth work
Ofsted Handbook; Political functioning- ‘an awareness of themselves as citizens at different levels – local, regional, national, international – and their readiness to take part in democratic processes’ ‘An awareness of themselves as autonomous individuals, unique, and responsible for their actions and personal and social development’ And Association and enjoyment Youth workers as advocates; ‘handing power over’ Political action Equality and inclusiveness Democratic processes and community action Values and attitudes, the views young people they express, and the way they behave

5 Issues (in respect of citizenship in youth work)
Low visibility of the term citizenship but curriculum frameworks generally promote the notion Variability in quality Education and Skills Committee (NYA notes limitations of taught curriculum) Resistance to teaching ‘core values’ Training and professional development Resistance to the notion of pre determined framework of study? Workforce with variable skills and experiences Youth organisations differ in mission and aim Assessment? A frustrating, single minded sector or responsive, person centred and opportunistic The focus on process

6 A proposal – The contention
More similarities than differences (between the formal and informal) Insufficient shared understanding between the formal and informal

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