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“Who so would be a man must be a non-conformist.”

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1 “Who so would be a man must be a non-conformist.”
Transcendentalism “Who so would be a man must be a non-conformist.”

2 Search for the American Voice
1825 – 1855 Throughout the first half of century, European and American critics called for writers to celebrate the new country in poetry or prose America looking for own style/genre of literature unique to us Period often referred to “American Renaissance”

3 Transcendentalism Emerson started the Transcendentalism movement – first American literary movement It stressed individualism, intuition, nature, and self-reliance

4 Beliefs of Transcendentalism
Direct connection or “communication” between the universe and the individual soul. Nature is the gospel of the new faith. In other words, nature is worshiped and all answers can be found within it.

5 The “Oversoul” Transcendentalists believed that the oversoul encapsulated the universe Connected man with nature and everything else in the world Believed they could unlock all of the answers to the world by communicating with the oversoul “I am a transparent eyeball; I am nothing; I see all”

6 Say Whaaa? What is the “Over-Soul”?
The over-soul is the combination of all your life experiences, all the lives people have lived, all the things everyone has learned and all of the workings of nature In order to connect with the oversoul one had to listen to their intuition and follow it to translate the symbols of nature into spiritual facts.   In other words, your reading the signs of nature to understand how the world works.

7 By connecting with the oversoul…
The belief is that all people can change and become more than they are now. With each lesson comes more understanding of our purpose for being (on the earth). It is also believed that with meditation you can gain insight into your own personal path.

8 Following Your Intuition
Follow your own intuition and own beliefs, however divergent or different from the social norm they may be. Since all people are inherently good, the individual’s instinctive response to any given situation will be the right thing to do.

9 Characteristics of Transcendentalism
Non-conformity Self-reliance Free thought/ individualism Importance of Nature

10 Non-Conformity Failure or refusal to conform to the majority
Non-conformity and Transcendentalism Transcendentalists realized that it had been decades since America gained independence and that it was time to seek literary independence as well. These people wanted to create literature unique to America different from anything England had to offer Began as a protest against popular culture

11 Self Reliance Depending on only oneself for all needs
Self reliance and transcendentalism Before this time, no one had thought of looking into ones self to find answers. It’s better to listen to your own intuition than to follow someone else’s beliefs.

12 Self Reliance Continued
Free thought and Transcendentalism Another way to look at the Transcendentalists is to see them as a generation of people struggling to define spirituality and religion (hippies of their day) The spiritual hunger for understanding of the world (which is why they tried to connect with the oversoul) Transcendentalists believed in an intuitive, experiential, passionate, more-than-just-rational perspective.

13 Importance of Nature Experiencing nature was of critical importance because the natural world was the face of God. Becoming physically closer to nature, contemplating it, understanding it—these were the actions that brought man closer to his maker.

14 The A List Ralph Waldo Emerson Henry David Thoreau Margaret Fuller
Writer Philosopher Henry David Thoreau Writer/Naturalist Margaret Fuller Feminism/Free Thought Bronson Alcott Educator

15 What are YOUR thoughts and beliefs?
Are you ever effected by nature? Can you feel when nature is going to take a turn? Do you seek a sense of reality from nature? Do you find yourself needing to take a walk outside to clear your head? Do you find comfort in it? Do you reflect the moods of nature? For example: If it is raining outside what is your mood? If it is 70 degrees and sunny, what is your mood? Why do you think that is? If you answered YES you are affected and do find comfort in nature, you may be a naturalist If you answered NO you are not affected and find little to no comfort in nature, you might not be a naturalist

16 What does it mean to know something intuitively?
Have you ever known something was wrong with a loved one without having talked with or seen them? Have you ever guessed right about a situation, and said: “I just know it”? What type of feeling does that bring? Do you believe in your own intuition? Do you always listen to it? Why or why not? If you answered YES you believe in INTUITION, you may be a free thinker/self reliant If you answered NO you do not believe, or have ever encountered such moments of “INTUITION”, you might not be a free thinker/self reliant

17 How do you demonstrate that you are an individual?
Do you often think independently of others or do you follow the crowd? How do you do it? Do you like structure when given a task or a job? An obvious path that leads to an end goal? Or do you like freedom to explore while learning/completing a job? Do you prefer the beaten path or the more scenic route? Do you find it thrilling to get lost while walking/driving? Or do you follow your GPS to a T (even when you know it’s wrong? If you answered with YOU LIKE TO BE INDEPENDENT, you may be a non-conformist If you answered YOU LI KE TO FOLLOW A PATH, you might a conformist

18 Non-Conformist VS. Conformist Who are They?
Step One: Divide into your teams Step Two: Make a T-Chart labeling each side as Conformist and Non-Conformist Begin your Team List! Be Sure to Explain WHY they are in each category and be prepared to explain to your classmates

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