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Eve was made by making the man Adam fall asleep.

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2 Eve was made by making the man Adam fall asleep.

3 The Fall in the garden. Mankind disobeyed God. They were punished. Today people have to suffer & work hard to achieve.

4 Adam represents all mankind who are responsible for the earth & its future. This is a living spirituality. It is called stewardship

5 The story shown in a symbolic way.

6 Stewardship Adam & Eve are instructed to be stewards of creation. This meant to tend the garden. To have dominion over the animals. This did not mean exploit or destroy.

7 Adam & Eve represent humanity. We have to learn right from wrong. The perfect world no longer exists.

8 What was Adam capable of ? You need to watch the separate presentation on Adam & Eve here.

9 The Fall was their punishment

10 Do you think mankind is responsible for the creation?

11 God did not want the people to go against him. This is what happened when Adam & Eve sinned in the garden. The Paradise was spoiled.

12 Who was Lucifer?

13 Harmony with Nature People who live in union with nature not against it. This was what God wanted.

14 Living with the animals & plants in harmony with the environment.

15 See the separate presentation on the Forest people. Discussion about the natural harmony of life living with nature.

16 Love the world & act responsibly This is what we should do!!!

17 Sin Adam & Eve sinned against God by eating the apple. Slowly the perfection gave way to despair. The paradise was spoiled. Responsibility increased for their own environment

18 IGNORANCE Ignorance & arrogance have been part of the attitude to destroy the creation. We also know now that many cures can be found in nature. Destroying the planet is not going to benefit the next generation.

19 The Destruction of the World Today Christians must act along with other religions to save the precious creation. The problem for mankind is the speed with which that destruction is taking place.


21 If we destroy our environment we destroy ourselves. In an old American Indian saying If you pollute your own bed and then lie in it what does that say about you. We need to have a sense of moral responsibility. We need a value system to act now to save the planet for the future.

22 God & the Environment If we destroy our own environment, we are acting against God and ourselves. We are not spiritual. To have spirit is to show compassion for living things and that includes the world. There is a real danger that we might get this wrong & destroy ourselves.

23 Its more important to enjoy life to worry about the worlds resources. How selfish would that attitude be. The world would be destroyed for our pleasure. The creation would die out and human beings would be no more……………………………………… …………………………………………… ………..

24 Conservation






30 Our Wonderful earth An appreciation in photographs!!




34 The awe and wonder of the creation




38 The creation is now in grave danger. Mankind have treated the natural resources with disregard. Ignorance of what stewardship meant has led to the world facing catastrophic problems. If mankind was responsible they world have learnt how to co exist with nature. Since that cooperation with nature was lacking, the earth faces an uncertain future. Deforestation, famine, weather changes, pollution and poisoning now have caused the polar caps to melt., the ozone layer to open, skin cancer to increase, and the loss of habitat. This in turn has lead to the extinction of the diverse creatures. The future is about responsibility and recycling. It is about conservation. All the red words are showing excellence.

39 According to Christianity, God created mankind in his image to take responsibility for the creation. The idea of stewardship is expressed in the story of Adam and Eve. When they fell from grace they showed how far people were from the ideal that God expected. In the Bible there is evidence that God wants mankind to love and take care of the creation. In the Roman Catholic Church they made a statement about the creation in 1988. They said that the earth and all life on it is a gift from God given to mankind share and develop, not to dominate and exploit.

40 They felt that our actions have consequences for the rights of others and for the resources of the earth. The goods of the earth and the beauties of nature are to be enjoyed and celebrated as well as consumed. We have the responsibility to create a balanced policy between consumption and conservation. We must consider the welfare of future generations in our planning for and utilisation of the earth's resources.

41 Conservation Harmony Respect Appreciation Co existence with nature Green house effect Ozone layer destroyed Deforestation Extinction Weather pattern changing Stewardship

42 The World Council of Churches has said: The dignity of nature as creation needs to be bound up with our responsibility for the preservation of life.

43 Our world is so beautiful, precious and valuable for our own enjoyment. How can we be so utterly thoughtless and allow it to be destroyed?

44 We should be able to see the spiritual value in appreciating and conserving the exquisite beauty of the planet for the next generation.If we do not then what will the future entail? The answer to that might be too horrible to contemplate…..

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