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En Route to Open Access Scholarship: Capitalising on Institutional Repositories ALISS Christmas Special: Libraries and Open Access Scholarship British.

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1 En Route to Open Access Scholarship: Capitalising on Institutional Repositories ALISS Christmas Special: Libraries and Open Access Scholarship British Library Dec 11 2006 Jessie M.N. Hey School of Electronics and Computer Science and University of Southampton Libraries University of Southampton, UK

2 Outline: areas to explore Open Access Scholarship - where we are coming from Some significant current developments Where we are going A personal journey as illustration Institutional Repositories - challenges and opportunities for information workers

3 JISC has been proactive in supporting Open Access in the UK through the FAIR programme and follow on funding And funded advocacy materials – new version Sept 2006:

4 From the briefing paper: What Open Access is The Open Access research literature is composed of free, online copies of peer- reviewed journal articles and conference papers as well as technical reports, theses and working papers. In most cases there are no licensing restrictions on their use by readers. They can therefore be used freely for research, teaching and other purposes.

5 75% of publishers on list allow some form of self-archiving – well hear more on versions later

6 New option for encouraging your authors to improve their agreement with publishers Nov 17, 2006 (Dutch/English collaboration)

7 How is Open Access provided? Open Access can be provided by various means. A researcher can place a copy of each article in an Open Access archive or repository or can publish articles in Open Access journals. In addition, a researcher may place a copy of each article on a personal or departmental website. Whilst all three routes to Open Access ensure that far more users can access such articles than if they were hidden away in subscription-based journals, the first two constitute much more systematic and organised approaches than the third and maximise the chance of other researchers locating and reading articles.

8 Now nearly 2500 OA journals – and more experiments by publishers but a long way to go……..

9 36 journals added in last 30 days

10 DOAJ additions include a range of countries and languages Socio-logos : Revue publiée par l'Association Française de Sociologie ISSN: 19506724 Subject: Sociology Publisher: Association Française de Sociologie Language: French Keywords: sociology, methodology Start year: 2006 Undercurrent ISSN: 17120934 Subject: Economics Publisher: Undercurrent Language: English, French Keywords: development studies, interdisciplinary Start year: 2004 (Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Development Studies) Revista Chilena de Derecho ISSN: 07160747 Subject: Law Publisher: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Language: Spanish Keywords: law, jurisprudence Start year: 2006 Revista de Economia ISSN: 05565782 Subject: Economics Publisher: Universidade federal do Paraná Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish Keywords: economics, economic theory, economic development Start year: 1999

11 The IR alternative: from esoteric knowledge to a real institutional research repository 12 th anniversary of Stevan Harnads Subversive Proposal leading to the open access vision for scholarly material See also Harnad, S. and Hey, J. M. N. (1995) Esoteric Knowledge: the Scholar and Scholarly Publishing on the Net. In Proceedings of Networking and the Future of Libraries 2: Managing the Intellectual Record, Proceedings of an International Conference, Bath, 19-21 April 1995, 110-16. Dempsey, L., Law, D. and Mowlat, I., Eds. The vocabulary has moved on… but many journals are still becoming more and more expensive the work of researchers in our own institution is still often unavailable to us ……and we also get emails from across the world when we havent yet got the full text…. but thats incentive to produce it

12 Now becoming a reality: a national and international development of IRs The broad vision reflecting the individual repositories (JISC Inform no. 8)

13 Now at stage of RAE integration on our route map with the University of Southampton Repository Changes in the external environment were anticipated to play a vital role in the next stage of embedding the routine of self- archiving full text in the research recording process. Lets look further…..

14 RCUK position paper on access to research outputs June 2006

15 Journal articles and conference papers in an acceptable repository Self-archiving –4. Research councils agree that their funded researchers should, where required to do so, deposit the outputs from research councils funded research in an acceptable repository as designated by the individual research council. This requirement will be effective from the time indicated in the guidance from the individual research council, This guidance will be published on individual Research Council websites and will, where appropriate, require funded researchers to: Personally deposit, or otherwise ensure the deposit of, a copy of any resultant articles published in journals or conference proceedings, in an appropriate repository, as designated by the individual research council. Wherever possible, personally deposit, or otherwise ensure the deposit of, the bibliographical metadata relating to such articles, including a link to the publishers website, at or around the time of publication.

16 Research Funders Open Access Policies – we now have Romeo and Juliet to support us

17 Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Open Access Policy 2006

18 Impact on IRs? Requests deposit in ESRC awards and outputs repository for articles and conference proceedings * Deposit encouraged in institutional and other appropriate repositories Will this make it easier or more complicated for IRs?? More complex deposit route – librarians need to think of best way to ensure metadata plus full text or plus link in the IR

19 Route map to Open Access from TARDis project – making steady progress around the circle 1 2 3 4

20 IRs as the core of assessment: IRRA project workflow

21 Types of Institutional Research Repository evolving TARDis/Southampton model: publications database plus full text where possible – representing all research Full text only model: not comprehensive but representing Open Access research eg Loughborough – but Loughborough now has some restricted access papers

22 Trying to keep it simple for the author… Publications databases and fulltext databases: In Australia reporting of publications is routine so experiments have taken place with integrating their specific processes Woodland, Julie and Ng, Joanne (2006) "Too many systems, too little time":integrating an eprint repository into a University publications system, in VALA 2006 13th Biennial Conference and Exhibition, Crown Towers Melbourne, Australia, 8 - 10 February 2006. Victorian Association for Library Automation, Melbourne, Australia. The Netherlands has also had to look at its national reporting systems and its DAREnet institutional repositories (DAREnet harvests 97893 digital records from the Institutional repositories of sixteen institutes)

23 Cream of Science: a shining example from the Netherlands (60% fulltext) – librarians a key part

24 Subject archives vary in philosophy and shape like IRs A pioneer full-text archive - almost 400,000 e-prints since 1991 – now Physics, Maths, Computer Science and Quantitative Biology

25 arXiv – an active archive Statistics to die for!

26 IDEAS (RePEc) – bibliographic plus – a broader concept

27 Economics volunteer activity also inspiring - over 425,000 items of research with over 325,000 available online (but not necessarily OA) Access statistics for RePEc. The worlds largest collection of online Economics Working Papers, Journal Articles and Software.RePEc 543,597 File Downloads and 2,099,425 Abstract Views in November 2006 20,429,095 File Downloads and 99,654,529 Abstract Views since January 1998

28 RePEc: added value services for the community of authors: lessons for IRs

29 Recent news: Australia Australia's Research Quality Framework (RQF) has been recommended for adoption by the Australian government, October 2006 Implies: every university will have to have an IR to hold the full-text of Research Outputs. About half already do.

30 Developing countries – 80% worlds population Workshop on Electronic Publishing and Open Access, Bangalore, November 2-3, 2006 led to the excellent National Open Access Policy for Developing Countries For articles based on public funding and published in peer- reviewed journals, the Bangalore model policy would 1) require immediate deposit in an OA repository 2) encourage immediate OA for the deposited articles 3) encourage publishing in a suitable OA journal where one exists Actions are already under way to persuade governments to adopt it

31 ROARMAP (Registry of Open Access Repository Material Archiving Policies) Too many for one screenfull now

32 As we might expect the Australian Research Council has been added this month The ARC therefore encourages researchers to consider the benefits of depositing their data and any publications arising from a research project in an appropriate subject and/or institutional repository wherever such a repository is available to the researcher(s). If a researcher is not intending to deposit the data from a project in a repository within a six-month period, he/she should include the reasons in the project's Final Report. Any research outputs that have been or will be deposited in appropriate repositories should be identified in the Final Report. Added by: Malcolm Gillies (Chair, National Scholarly Communication Forum) gilliesm AT on 06 Dec 2006 NB data is increasingly included by funders

33 Adding value - promoting a working paper in the IR and in the research centre – process set up by librarian

34 Working papers exported automatically to the Research Centre – win-win

35 Next stages: richer preserved joined up repositories CLADDIER project exploring joining up data in environmental databases e.g. British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) to the Institutional Repository PRESERV project enabling long term access to materials in Institutional Repositories And hopefully more emphasis on joining up in less scientific areas in next round of funding But it will be a mixed economy: Open Access Journals, IRs and subject repositories to keep on top of and work together

36 Current Information Strategy Decisions – e.g. whose responsibility? University, regional subject, national? A variety of repositories developing at Southampton – vision of all intellectual assets Do they need to join up at this level? Each has their own wider context and depositor choices Research Outputs - University of Southampton Research Repository (e- Prints Soton) eCrystals - Southampton (archive for Crystal Structures generated by the Southampton Chemical Crystallography Group and the EPSRC UK National Crystallography Service) CLARe - for online learning and teaching material (Southampton and collaborators) – makes research paper metadata seem easy! (Now looking at contextual metadata in detail in MURLLO project)

37 Thinking ahead Institutional repositories are here to stay and will broaden organically Building on research – looking to wider scholarship visibility, and ideally open access, goal Building more bridges through the research and information retrieval chain Libraries are currently involved but librarians must be proactive and collaborate to be part of it Essential to keep up with external developments - they can turn your world upside down Capitalise on your professional skills!

38 For further information And thank you Jessie Hey Wendy White And all you want to know to keep up to date on the next slide

39 Peter Subers Open Access News and monthly summaries

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