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Section 3.3 Mixtures of Matter. Composition of Matter Matter SubstanceMixture.

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1 Section 3.3 Mixtures of Matter

2 Composition of Matter Matter SubstanceMixture

3 Mixtures Combination of two or more pure substances in which the pure substances retain their chemical properties

4 Examples Sand and water Salt and water

5 Types of Mixtures Mixtures HeterogeneousHomogeneous

6 Heterogeneous Mixtures Does not blend smoothly throughout it Individual components remain distinct areas of the mixture No uniform distribution of components throughout the mixture

7 Homogeneous Mixture Constant composition throughout Single phase Also referred to as a solution Can be solid, liquid, or gas

8 Heterogeneous or Homogeneous?

9 Heterogeneous or Homogenous?

10 Heterogeneous or Homogeneous?



13 Separating Mixtures Reverse of mixing Since each component of a mixture retains chemical composition… Chemists developed various separation methods

14 Filtration Solid from liquid separation Uses porous medium Example: Filter paper

15 Filtration Apparatus

16 Distillation Homogenous mixture separation Ability of components to form gases Example: Salt water  Salt + Pure Water

17 Distillation Apparatus

18 Crystallization Used when a solution contains maximum amount of dissolved substance Add a little more and pure solid particles are produced

19 Rock Candy Crystallization

20 Chromatography “Writing of Colors” Separation by differing abilities of substances to adhere to various surface solids Paper, starch Example: ink separation by paper chromatography

21 Chromatography Image

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