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University of Southampton EdSpace Hugh Davis, Leslie Carr, Jessie Hey and Debra Morris

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1 University of Southampton EdSpace Hugh Davis, Leslie Carr, Jessie Hey and Debra Morris

2 Aims EdSpace to change culture in the University of Southampton to share educational recourses to implement an application built on proven EPrints open source software to work with all the parties involved to discover how they will best benefit from such change With: PI – Hugh Davis – University Director of Education (eLearning) Manager: Debra Morris, seconded from library Les Carr and Tim Miles-Board, EPrints director and manager Jessie Hey: Digital librarian acting as Learning and Teaching Advocate School of Electronics & Computer Science, collaboration with ISS, the Library, Student Services and the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit (LATEU). Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

3 Background Institutional research repository Institutional VLE, institutional portal, other VLEs Learning & teaching initiatives Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

4 Context HEAcademy/JISC eMM benchmarking Institutional audit Pace of change within the blended learning model for the University Institutional role of: eLearning Strategy Committee eLearning Implementation Group Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

5 Change agents The University has highly devolved management structures – relies on a change agent network DVC Learning & Teaching University Directors of Education Heads of School Deputy Heads of School (academic) Learning and teaching co-ordinators Learning technologists, web developers and eLearning leads across the institution Educational Development Network Group Best Practice in Education Group Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

6 EdShare Philosophy Institutional practice of re-use is for small, unbundled sections/assets/objects/activities If courses are re-used, so are the deliverers Teachers never finish anything Consequently: lightweight, nimble and portable service is preferred characteristics with complete educational relevance Storing student bookmarks Comments and review ratings Download and viewed metrics Distinctively different from the JORUM solution Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

7 Technical Add actual document or link When document is added (or later) owner gets the option to add descriptive data/metadata Owner can decide visibility of document When a resource is added it gets a URL Subsequently users can also bookmark/describe Search based on metadata or search engine Resources are automatically indexed by Google, OIAster, INTUTE Repository search etc Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

8 Early work Web page Blog Team members including: Project manager Learning & teaching advocates Technical team EdShare concept Early contributors and champions Ease of deposit Attractive design Prototype Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

9 Developing a visual identity Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

10 Adding content Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

11 Ease of use Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

12 First stage of adding a Share Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

13 List of Shares Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

14 Refining metadata Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

15 Retrieving Shares Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

16 Linking Shares to Courses Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

17 Major Issues Ownership across the institution (Schools and services) Getting People to give us their stuff Interface to Blackboard Copyright and Digital Rights – institutional policy An interface as good as YouTube or Flickr An institutional Shared drive > Drag and Drop deposit Capitalising on the EPrints features – Teaching Metrics? Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

18 Next Steps Meetings with academics Links with reports for Elearning benchmarking Links with Institutional Audit review Student Resources department Co-design activities Dissemination Strategy (starting with OR08) Institutional Exemplars 29/01/08

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