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July 9-11 2014 LEReC Review 9 - 11July 2014 Low Energy RHIC electron Cooling Kerry Mirabella Cost, Schedule, Personnel.

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1 July 9-11 2014 LEReC Review 9 - 11July 2014 Low Energy RHIC electron Cooling Kerry Mirabella Cost, Schedule, Personnel

2 July 9-11 2014 Outline Introduction to Project Controls / C-AD Cost and Schedule Chronology/Methodology –Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with costs –Assumptions How LEReC will be controlled –Monthly status –Milestones Personnel availability Summary 2

3 July 9-11 2014 Project Controls 50+ years experience combined Kerry Mirabella, PMP – documents, scope, DOE interface Bob Van Wormer –schedules, status, baseline management Critical Decision Projects worked together at BNL –SNS ($325.0M) BES funded –EBIS ($19.3M) ONP and NASA funded Prior to BNL –Fairchild Republic: DOD funded aircraft manufacturing –Airborne Instruments Lab: DOD funded aircraft electronics systems 3

4 July 9-11 2014 Collider-Accelerator personnel 4 C-AD has 416 people in a 100+ building complex, with our own Conventional Facilities and I.T. groups. In total BNL has ~3000 employees.

5 July 9-11 2014 Cost Estimate and Schedule Chronology System experts’ bottom up estimates in FY14 $ in Excel Summary schedule being developed in AY$ Microsoft Project 2010 software adopted as the current LEReC AIP cost and scheduling tool. (moving to Primavera this summer) Tasks entered and resources applied Identification of task dependencies in process High level milestones included Next:  Create inter-subsystem logic  Iterate schedule to fit funding profile  Monitor critical path  Continue adding milestones and tasks 5

6 July 9-11 2014 Estimates Tasks defined and estimated by those who will manage/perform the effort, using an agreed-to scope of work 6

7 July 9-11 2014 Rates and overheads Departmental Rates and Overheads  Labor rates based on C-AD average salary by category  Departmental overhead costs distributed as a % of direct labor Chairman’s Office Administration ESSH&QA Laboratory Rates and Overheads include  Extraordinary Construction G&A  Material burden 7

8 July 9-11 2014 WBS structure, with costs and accounts 8 Most AIPs have had only one cost account. LEReC is planned to have several as shown, plus one for Installation. In Microsoft Project we’re separating subsystem commissioning and installation into its own WBS to give higher visibility and make it easier to manage resources.

9 July 9-11 2014 Major Procurements Procurements > $100k (unburdened) –Laser modulator & amplifier$240k –45 degree dipoles$120k –Transport solenoids,.2 kG$240k –Transport solenoids, 1.5 kG$120k –Profile monitors$114k –Power amplifiers for SCRF Gun$600k –2.1 GHz cavity design/fab$135k –2.1 GHz Power Amplifier$515k –SCRF Gun circulators and DLs$150k –Civil - power $130k 9

10 July 9-11 2014 Assumptions for cost and schedule LEReC is a proposed effort, and the following assumptions were made within the schedule. –LEReC is approved by Aug 15 2014. –RHIC does not run at all in FY17, in the other FYs RHIC shuts down 6/30 each year and restarts 12/1 each year. The cost and the funding plan shown in the Execution plan is based on the above. Changes to the assumptions or funding plan may change the cost, schedule and milestones. 10

11 July 9-11 2014 Project Status 11 status requests in excel put the schedule in everyone’s hands each month. Highlighted cells point out the info needed now.

12 July 9-11 2014 Communication and Reporting Plan Alexei Fedotov, CPM, will lead weekly meetings with the LEReC team to discuss progress, risks and concerns. Cost/schedule/status are reviewed monthly and reported to ONP via email and discussed in detail during monthly telecons. The standard BNL accounting system will be the basis for collecting cost data. The CPM will lead quarterly overall cost, schedule and technical performance reviews and report the results to the ONP. ONP may, at their discretion, conduct progress reviews with a committee of experts. Technical performance will be monitored throughout the project to insure conformance to approved functional requirements. Design reviews and performance testing of the completed systems will be used to ensure that the equipment meets the functional requirements. Schedule performance will be monitored via milestones. 12

13 July 9-11 2014 Milestones for reporting progress 13

14 July 9-11 2014 Milestones for us 14 There are 9 months of float from the early finish date to the Project Complete date.

15 July 9-11 2014 Personnel availability Few people in C-AD have only one job, or one boss. So for LEReC we’ve done the following: –Requested and received assurances that  the CPM, Alexei Fedotov will be attached to LEReC 75% of his time until project completion.  The DPM/lead engineer, Joe Tuozzolo will be attached 25% of his time until project completion.  1 Designer will be assigned in August, and a 2 nd assigned in October. Several projects will complete this year, freeing up personnel to address LEReC as their priority. RHIC will not operate in FY17, increasing resources available to LEReC. 15

16 July 9-11 2014 Comments before concluding Very experienced subsystem managers on the project. They are used to interacting daily over the course of many projects. Good communication. Agreements on “handoff” points are almost routine. Tech notes, design reports, design reviews are standard within C-AD Procedure writing, work planning, ESSHQ, etc. all follow standard C- AD and lab procedures. Procurement processes would be standard except that we’ve requested a single point of contact for LEReC purchases, and he has been assigned. 16

17 July 9-11 2014 Summary Scope/deliverables are defined and understood. Estimates were vetted. Risks have been identified and are being addressed. Contingency at 29.1% appears adequate. A tailored project management approach including monthly status and reporting will be used. We are ready to begin. 17

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