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Towards Multi-use of ocean data on the semantic web Barry Tao, Jon Campbell, Gwyn Griffiths.

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1 Towards Multi-use of ocean data on the semantic web Barry Tao, Jon Campbell, Gwyn Griffiths

2 Surely this is largely the preserve of data managers? By designing/building/operating a variety of platforms/instruments/sensors we are mainly data providers rather than users We have control over, and responsibility for how data are recorded, formatted BODC have already begun work in this area – our efforts will complement this Why USL?

3 Example of traditional ocean data gathering – Pride of Bilbao Ferrybox Sensors from different manufacturers need tailored software interfaces Data logged in special format Custom software required for each stage of processing Metadata recorded by hand

4 Vision for the future The sensors themselves should be self- describing and able to provide a complete set of metadata on request The data structures should also be self- describing with machine readable headers defining the data types, formats and metadata By following internationally agreed standards data would be immediately accessible to other organizations around the world Time taken to interface new sensors and adapt software to handle new data types is greatly reduced

5 Underpinning all this there has to be a set of agreed vocabularies and relationships In other words an ontology Over to Barry… Where to start?

6 The Art of Enriching Data Data Metadata Ontology/Semantic Web … 2008 17.40278244 3599.98 20.00 11.81 0 3464 64708 0 0 101.0625 0.0 2008 17.44444656 3599.87 20.56 12.25 0 3600 1004 0 0 101.0625 3599.9 2008 17.48611259 3599.98 21.31 12.81 0 3600 301 0 0 101.0605 3600.0 2008 17.52778053 3599.98 20.81 12.69 0 3600 7186 0 0 101.0605 3600.0 2008 17.56944656 3600.04 21.37 13.31 0 3463 12216 0 1 101.0586 3600.0 2008 17.61111259 3599.93 21.31 12.94 0 3600 65202 0 0 101.0586 3599.9 200817.65277863 3599.98 18.50 10.19 0 3600 64947 0 0 101.0586 3600.0 … all_PofB_2008.sts Year Jtime, … gps-x, gps-y, …, measurements, … Meta-data on data entries Meta-data on data file Filename: all_ProB_2008.sts File location: \REMOTETEL\ascdata\Pride_of_Bilbao\concat Parameters Recorded: Salinity, temperature, conductivities Year: 2008 Location: Portsmouth, Bilbao a formal context shared and consistent conceptualisation facilitate flexible annotating and linking resources distributed contributions and reuse scalability

7 The Semantic Web A Web of machine process-able meanings –W3C (WWW Consortium) –Ontology (concepts and relations) –RDF (Resource Description Framework), URI (Universal Resource Identifier) –Open up data to the SW community Typical semantic web activities for knowledge management –Ontology engineering Knowledge acquisition Shared conceptualisation – concepts and relations OWL (Web ontology language) –Semantic annotation Enriching resources using ontology Generating RDF –Semantic processing Query Reasoning

8 Semantic Web example in RDF Things to express –JohnSmith lastname Smith –JohnSmith sibling KevinSmith RDF Graph Namespace and URI – RDF Triples – – rdfs:label "John Smith" – foaf:lastName "Smith" – family:sibling – family:age 42 – rdfs:label "Kevin Smith" – family:age 35 Query on the Semantic Web SELECT ?name ?age WHERE (?x rdfs:label ?name) (?x family:age ?age) AND ?age < 40 –"Kevin Smith" 35 John Smith Kevin Smith family:sibling Smith foaf:lastname

9 Collaborative Ocean Agile Knowledge Engineering –Multiple domain experts (on sensor, platform, etc) –Distributed and asynchronised contributions –Experimental testbeds of semantic web applications for CO Collaborative protégé Ontowiki Potential collaborators and related technologies –SeaDataNet (EU) - to construct a standardized system for managing the large and diverse data sets collected by the oceanographic fleets and the new automatic observation systems –Marine Metadata Interoperability, MMI (US) – Encourage good good metadata practices in marine science –BODC (UK) – Data and metadata archive of marine measurement –SensorML – XML models for processes related to sensor and sensor measurement Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) in OGC Results –Methodology and framework –RDF knowledge repository –Possible Service Interface SOAP Web services (independent of operation system) Reusable portlets –Browser accessible Portal A tutorial

10 CO in Protégé

11 Semantically annotated instances in RDF … <rdf:RDF xmlns:co="" xmlns:foaf="" xmlns="" xmlns:protege="" xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:rdfs="" xmlns:owl="" xml:base=""> <foaf:depiction rdf:datatype="" > <co:serial_number rdf:datatype="" >123456789 <co:calibration_last_date rdf:datatype="" >2007-03-08 <co:purchase_date rdf:datatype="" >2007-03-08 …

12 In Triples PREFIX rdfs: PREFIX rdf: PREFIX foaf: PREFIX co: PREFIX co_ins:

13 In Graph

14 Status Collaborative ontology maturing –Sensor, Platform, etc. –Testing semantic annotation for Collaborative Ocean Establish a ontological reference model Integration with other SW applications –Ontowiki ProtégéOntowiki Semantic Web RDF Ontology Semantic Web Applications … hardware datasets personnel operations Oceanography resources at NOC


16 Further Information The ontology gy/collaberativeocean.owl gy/collaberativeocean.owl The semantic annotations (instances) llaberativeocean_ins.rdf A tutorial

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