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THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM What it does… How it works…

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1 THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM What it does… How it works…

2 Circulatory System - Objectives  Understand the anatomy of the heart and how it works  Describe the pathway of blood throughout the body and how it pertains to your health  Know and discuss the issues that people face, and the steps taken to help someone with heart problems

3 What does it do?  Transportation systems for the body.  Transports:  Nutrients  Water  Oxygen  Also Carries away Waste from your body.  Waste Materials  Carbon Dioxide  This system connects all of your cells to one another.

4 3 Parts of the Circulatory System  The Heart  Has 4 chambers  Blood  Broken into 4 parts  Blood Vessels  3 types

5 The Heart  Organ in your body  Made of Cardiac Muscle  About the size of your fist  Location: Center of your chest slightly to the left

6 The Heart  Beats three billion times in an average lifetime  Job: Pump blood to your body  Have to keep this healthy by  Exercise  Eat Healthy  No Smoking

7 The Heart has Four Chambers  Right Atrium  Where oxygen poor blood enters the heart  Right Ventricle  Pumped from here to the lungs by the pulmonary artery.  Left Atrium  Blood is obtained from the pulmonary vein and brought here  Left Ventricle  Pumped from here to all over the body

8 Blood  Substance that is pumped throughout the body  Travels through thousands of miles of vessels throughout your body  Carries the nutrients and waste to and from the body  A young person has about 1 gallon of blood in their body, an adult has 5 quarts  Made of many liquids, solids, oxygen, and carbon dioxide

9 Inside your Blood  Red Blood Cells  Carry oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from cells.  Contain Hemoglobin which is where the oxygen and carbon dioxide is held  There are about 5 million red blood cells in one drop of blood.  Constantly made in bone marrow

10 Inside your Blood  White Blood Cells  Attack, surrounds, and destroys pathogens that enter the body.  Prevents infection  Made only when in demand

11 Inside Your Blood  Plasma  Liquid part of the blood  Carries all the essentials to where they have to go  Made in the liver  Platelets  Help us from bleeding all the time  Attach to the opening and close it by attracting more platelets and other parts of the blood. They form what we call a scab

12 Blood Vessels  Three Types  Arteries Carry blood away from your heart  Veins Carry blood back to your heart  Capillaries Connect arteries to veins and are where the nutrients are released.

13 Other things to know…  Heart Rate (HR)  The number of times your heart contracts per minute.  Pulse  The surge of blood that results from the contractions of the heart.  Blood Pressure (BP)  Systolic The amount of pressure it takes to push the blood out of your ventricles  Diastolic The amount of pressure it takes to push the blood out of the atriums to fill up the ventricles

14 How to Keep the System Healthy?  Reduce the amount of fat in your diet  Reduce the amount of salt in your diet  Exercise regularly  Maintain a healthful weight  Practice stress free management  Avoid using or inhaling tobacco products  Seek medical help for infections

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