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Look Here : Should we charge for our services? 8 th February 2011.

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1 Look Here : Should we charge for our services? 8 th February 2011

2 University of the Arts London Camberwell College of Arts Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Chelsea College of Art London College of Fashion London College of Communication Wimbledon College of Art 03 August 2006Presentation title

3 Academic use and impact of archives and special collections Over 90 inspiring archive and special collections 2,300 annual visits to University archives and special collections 50% of archive users are external Archives embedded in the curriculum at LCC and LCF Library spaces used as exhibition spaces 24,000 images available online Referenced in conference papers at V&A and Tate 09 December 2010Academic Board

4 03 August 2006Presentation title Commercial uses of archives and special collections at University of the Arts London Sunday Times Sunday Telegraph Channel 4 Criterion Collection Health and Safety Magazine French documentary company French magazine

5 Background Images are requested for reproduction for commercial reasons, eg. publication or broadcast. Images are requested for reproduction for academic purposes, such as to be included in a scholarly publication, either a journal or a book, or in the development of learning, teaching and research resources within HE. Opportunities for income generation for the service 8 February 2011Look Here

6 Objectives of the project To contribute towards the Universitys costs of providing a service to reproduce still images for commercial purposes To consider how to adapt this to allow flexibility for academic use or situations where the scale seems inappropriate. £££ 03 August 2006Presentation title

7 Principles © 03 August 2006Presentation title Aim to make a contribution to costs, not a profit...yet! Consider the role of the ASCC staff in helping researchers IPR and copyright licenses Scan material once only if possible

8 Benchmarking BBC Photo Library Bfi British Postal Museum and Archive Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Museum Imperial War Museum Natural History Museum North West Film Archive Quentin Blake Archive SOAS St Bartholomews Hospital Archives University of Southern California – Warner Bros. Archives University of Texas – Harry Ransom Research Centre University of Westminster British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA) 03 August 2006Presentation title

9 Findings Scales of charges are broken down into categories and volume of use Institutions maintain the ability to vary fees, depending on use and purpose Some use application packs with terms and conditions for the use of images supplied Some request signed acceptance and payment before images are supplied 03 August 2006Presentation title

10 Findings Some choose not to publish a scale Some use case-by-case approach Some waive fees in lieu of free copies of publications Fees are charged for research services 03 August 2006Presentation title

11 Charging for Commercial Image Reproduction (Still images) All prices exclude VAT, which must be paid where applicable. See notes below. Permission of copyright owners will be required and further copyright or licence charges may apply. Reproduction fees are in addition to fees charged for making copies of the material concerned. A fee of £10.00 (+ VAT) will be made for supplying images on a portable device such as a disc or flash drive There will be a reduction of 50% in fees for educational or charitable purposes (subject to approval from the Collection Manager) Print publications: All images for publication are assumed to be 50mm x 75mm (¼ A4 page) or less. For larger images add 50%. Print run: charges below apply to print runs of less than 10,000 Print runs over 10,000 – plus 30% Print runs over 50,000 – plus 50% Print runs over 100,000 – plus 100% Area rights: A = UK/Commonwealth, Single language single country B = World, Multi language, multi country At all times the University reserve the right to modify these prices per request. * All print rates are for one edition only, non-exclusive rights. Subsequent reprints require additional payment. **Rights for use in websites, video, CD Rom and DVDs are for 3 years ***Rights are for a single TV broadcasts; further broadcasts plus 50% Photography note: Some items cannot be scanned due to their format or condition. Where photography is required a professional photographer with experience of archival or museum collections will be employed. Additional charges may be passed on.

12 Scale of charges 03 August 2006Presentation title Category of ReproductionArea Rights/ CategoriesFee £ Print reproductions* Images used to illustrate pages in booksA 50 B100 Images used on book coversA150 B300 Images used on Record, CD, or DVD coversA120 B200 Images used in periodicals and magazinesA40 B60 Images used in newspapersRegional40 National60 Electronic Publications Images used in video, CD Rom or DVD releases**A70 B140 Images used in websites**B60 Film and Television Images used in films for distributionA70 B140 Images used in TV for distribution***Regional50 National75 Worldwide150 Merchandise Images used in advertising and promotional materialsA150 B300

13 Develop systems for receiving the fees Advice from university Finance department VAT Invoicing Online Payments Link income to specific budget codes 03 August 2006Presentation title

14 Consultation and outcome Began early 2010 Approach endorsed by Director of IS Consulted university colleagues and Look- Here! Partners Endorsed by IS SMT November 2010 Embedding into practice Review summer 2011 03 August 2006Presentation title

15 Recommendations Benchmark Reserve flexibility Keep the scale simple Consider additional costs VAT Recoup income generated 03 August 2006Presentation title

16 Contact and credits Sarah Mahurter Manager, University Archives and Special Collections Centre, University of the Arts London Elephant and Castle London SE1 6SB Tel: 020 7514 9930 Email: Images courtesy of: Eckersley Estate Stanley Kubrick Estate & Warner Bros. Lawrence Weiner VADS 03 August 2006Presentation title

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