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2 Ruth Carnall

3 Healthcare for London ‘Healthcare for London’ context Tomlinson 1992 (Health, medical education, research) King’s Fund Comission 1992 (Acute services) Turnberg Report 1998 History is littered with failed health strategies

4 Why is Healthcare for London different?
Clinical involvement and the Clinical Advisory Group Public engagement Quality and safety paramount – not financially driven One Strategic Health Authority Identified enablers 200 clinicians developed the ideas Tested on Citizens panels and a 7000 person poll Biggest ever health consultation in London

5 Enablers Estates Education and workforce Finance IT Commissioning
Clinical leadership

6 Projects Stroke Major trauma Local hospital feasibility
Unscheduled care Polyclinics and potentially: Long-term conditions (diabetes) Maternity

7 Partnerships Accountability Trust Dialogue Commitment
I thought I would end on partnerships – it is Valentines day after all. Is the NHS a good partner? I don’t think it has been – I think the present is better – but we still need to improve Accountability – in the past 5 SHAs. Now 1. Not strategic. Not elected. PCTs not FT Trust – communications with the public has been poor. Poorly resourced, targeted and executed. We want to work with councils to help build PCT communications capacity, skills, experience and, most importantly, a sense of community. Dialogue and commitment - Describe recent meetings with James Reilly, Roger Hampson; Paul Corrigan and GOL etc Deloittes (separate briefing) Local Area Agreement work; LCG and JOSC; good to see voluntary organisations represented and members of the Public and Patient Advisory Group etc FINALLY. We are delighted to be supporting today’s event to help you frame your responses to Healthcare for London. We look forward to receiving a response from London Councils, from your own councils and from you individually. At a meeting last week PCTs were asked what they were doing with the ‘Healthcare for London’ T-Shirts. We printed up 100 for the roadshows, then another 100 and another 100? Are people, we wondered, wearing them as casual wear about the home? The answer from one (male) attendee? Valentine’s day is coming up!

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