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Legionella Management within Local Government Presented by : Judi Sloman – Facilities Manager - Legionella Monday 7 February 2005.

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1 Legionella Management within Local Government Presented by : Judi Sloman – Facilities Manager - Legionella Monday 7 February 2005

2 Topics to be covered Croydons legionella history Types of property managed Procurement Contractor support and how that fits into Croydon Council Contractor areas of responsibility and how they implement them

3 Legionella Monitoring regimes How we log that information Traffic Light System Priority Corrective Action Forms Works Order Log Monthly Progress Meetings Secure Customer Website Questions Topics to be covered

4 Liz Johnston Central Health & Safety Manager Will Tuckley Director of Policy & Corporate Services Ken Ashley Independent Legionella Consultant Legionella Partner John Williams Mechanical Engineer Judi Sloman Corporate Legionella Officer Richard Hook Interim Hard FM Manager Tony Middleton Head of Asset & Facilities Management Nathan Elvery Director of Finance & Resources Other Directors of Departments Jon Rouse Chief Executive Croydon Council Management Chart & Team Members

5 Croydons Legionella History to date Started around 15 years ago Legionella was included within other job descriptions i.e. Mechanical Surveyor role Departments evolved Designated person now solely managing legionella Mechanical Surveyors assisting with trouble shooting and auditing Partnership with Legionella Contractor Independent Legionella Consultant Facilities Management company (consistent management of risk, use group email)

6 Types of property Im responsible for 226 Public Buildings : 8 Elderly Peoples Homes 7 Pools and Sports Facilities 12 Libraries 40 Parks Pavilions 7 Civic Office buildings 46 Day, Community & Resource Centres 9 Education Centres (CETs) 45 Social Services including childrens units, group homes 52 Leased Buildings including Scout Camps!

7 Procurement Process Tendering process Not lowest price Not second lowest price They were third lowest price But provided the BEST VALUE Provide quality risk assessments, Web based facility, operatives solely dedicated to Croydon, urgent response when needed, train & advise site managers

8 Croydon Council & Legionella Contractor Partnership Corporate Legionella Officer Contract Monitoring Managers Monitoring Engineers Mechanical Engineers Mechanical Surveyor (part time) Croydon Council Legionella Contractor

9 Areas of Contractor Responsibility Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Review Technical Support Monthly Monitoring Remedial Works Cleaning of Showers and Outlets Servicing of TMVs Cleaning and Disinfecting of Cold Water Storage Tanks Water Sampling Weekly flushing

10 Contractor Implementation Approach Implement Management System Implement Precautions Implement Monitoring Regime Re-Evaluate Risk Assessments Every 2 years Evaluate Scheme Every 6 Months Produce Written SchemeProduce Action Plan Conduct Risk Assessment Prioritise Risk Assessment Desktop Legionella Exercise

11 Risk Assessments Carried out every two years or after extensive alterations Bespoke to each building and lists specific management systems Provides a shopping list of works needed Anything from labeling, removing deadlegs to replacing CWS tanks Important to act on recommendations On going as properties come and go from the Councils portfolio

12 Process Map for Monthly Monitoring Monthly Monitoring Sheets Red - HighBlue - AdjustmentGreen - LowYellow – Medium Read through and log on spreadsheet Visit site? Decide on action Issue works order to rectify Add to agenda to discuss Check work has been completedFile sheet

13 Legionella Monitoring Spreadsheet This gives a snap shot of all the annual monitoring regimes and the dates they were carried out. Includes site contacts as comments within address cell. Includes notes, i.e, site drained down for Winter, pavilion being rebuilt and will come back onto monitoring regime Your Contractor is your eyes and ears



16 Priority Corrective Action form Client Name:London Borough of Croydon Client Contact: Mr John Williams – Contact Address: Property Services Division Taberner House Park Lane Croydon CR9 1JR Telephone Number: 0208 686 4433 Fax Number: 0208 8760 5728 Site Name & AddressPhil Edwards Centre Site Reference: 70571 / 195 Details of Correction Action Required Following the recent monthly monitoring at the above site, please find below our site observations and recommendations. Observation The circulation of the hot water on the 1 st floor WC is at 44º. Calorifier temperature is at 55º Recommendations The calorifier needs adjusting so it reaches the recommend temperature of 60º, this will hopefully bring the hot water temperature up to 50º. We were unable to adjust the calorifier as it is done by a comprised system. OriginatorRichard MoorcroftManagerSteve Kosloff Signature Date27 th September 2007Date27 th September 2007

17 PCA Log Sheet Date of PCA Site NameComment Date action / authorised Contractor Order No. Date Completed/ Resolved 07/06/2007 Ashburton Playing Fields We recommend that the hot water cylinder is investigated and the tank drained down and cleaned and disinfected. Tank works authorised 19/07/07Hertel Completed 08/06/2007Stanley Halls The Hot water Cylinder 01 in the concert hall kitchen entrance is not working - being completed 23/07/07 Jul-07Hertel KR256 2523/07/2007 03/07/2007CACFO The MWH01 is not reaching temperature and he has tried to adjust the thermostat but it cannot be adjusted further. 15/03/07& 02/07/2007Interserve38022Aug-07 03/07/2007 Highbury Community & Sports CentreMSWH01 disconnected.09/07/2007Interserve38021Aug-07 03/07/2007Norbury Park Pavilion Instruction to Interserve to attend to HWC01, temp at 30 o C26/07/2007Interserve38020Aug-07

18 Works Order Log Order No. Site NameWorks Requested/Authorised Contract or Price if given Quotation /invoice no. if given Date Order Issued Invoice received JMS01Rowdown Pavilion Isolate 3no electrical supplies to the cylinders & then drain downHertel£450.00 19 March 2007Yes JMS02 Samuel Coleridge Taylor CentreUrgent C & D after Richard noted on annual checkHertel 19 March 2007Yes JMS03Wayside CETS Centre Fit new CWST - corroded badly (identified during annual inspection) to be fitted 4/4/07Hertel£1,212.33AB638450 20 March 2007Yes JMS04 Shiloh Church - r/o 194 Selhurst RoadInstall 1no heating sadia P.O.U. heater in gents WCHertel£758.52 99901285 3 20 March 2007Yes JMS05Timebridge CentreInstall 1no Stanton R45 water heater & run new elec supplyHertel£2,393.00KR/22031 22 March 2007Yes JMS06 British Legion, Alwyn CloseNew CWST01 with lidHertel£564.45AB631401 26 March 2007Yes JMS07Calleydown CrescentAlter height of CWST, install POU heaterHertel£2,652.98WL/20591 07 February 2007Yes JMS08 Monks Hill Sports CentreUrgent remedial worksHertel£2,392.17 03 April 2007Yes JMS09 Monks Hill Sports CentreDescale ALL outletsHertel£250.00AB63846903 April 2007Yes

19 Monthly Monitoring Meetings Areas of Concern – listing specific sites, on going work, etc. Risk Assessments – rolling programme, any updates, sites on or off contract. Remedial Works – how the risk assessment remedial programme is going, completion dates. Monitoring Sheets – if there are any outstanding. Red Spots/PCAs – we discuss if there are any issues resolving the reds and how we can work through them.

20 Secure Customer Web site








28 My Top Tip No. 1 Write to each Director with a list of the sites you manage at least once a year, preferably twice. The site list is the fundamental part of the contract. In the eyes of the law just because you dont know a property exists does not exonerate you of blame should an outbreak occur, but if you have actively sought to find out what other properties are within the Councils responsibility then that will be seen as reasonably practicable.

29 My Top Tip No. 2 Have regular meetings. Although you liaise regularly with your Contractor, I feel its essential that a properly structured meeting takes place and is recorded.

30 My Top Tip No. 3 Put instructions in writing. Even if you are speaking to your Contractor on a regular basis and ask or mention that something is done or needs doing, always back it up with an email. This your record of instruction. I file the email under the site name within my file structure on the Councils server, this then builds up a history of events and works done.

31 Questions

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