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HR Metrics Database Presentation to WIG.

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1 HR Metrics Database Presentation to WIG

2 HR Metrics Database Background Progress Report Examples Next Steps

3 Background HR Metrics Report
How can we collect the data more efficiently? How can we make more use of the data? Explore the possibility of of creating a basic HR datamart Waltham Forest & Haringey volunteered to provide data and expertise

4 Progress Report Visits to sunny Waltham Forest & Haringey over the summer & collected sets of data Defined file layouts and built data transformation scripts Data loaded into Access – one row per person per period Standard formulas applied Transformed into OLAP cube using Cognos Transformer

5 Examples Unable to set-up live demo
Slides produced using data provided by Leon & Tessa Cognos Powerplay used as reporting layer Still some issues with the data and work still to be done on adding to the dimensions and measures

6 Measures & Dimensions Dimensions Time Organisation Gender Ethnicity
Age Band Length of Service Salary Band Employee Group Measures FTE / Headcount Gross Pay (Total / Avg.) Average Age Sick Days Sickness Cost Sick Days per FTE Turnover Rate Starter / Leaver Count










16 Next Steps Firm up the process
Add Absence reasons, top 5% flag and occupational groups More checking & testing Document process Collect data from more boroughs Look at options for software

17 The Challenge… (a personal view)
Management Information will be the lifeblood of workforce planning We need to see the possibilities of what it can provide. Spend more time using the data than designing reports. We need to be aiming to make the information more accessible for line managers – this means simpler and more standardisation

18 Any Questions?

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