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GLLaB Greenwich Local Labour and Business Employer Engagement – Job Brokerage. Presentation by Claire Hedderman – Recruitment Manager Manager GLLaB.

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1 GLLaB Greenwich Local Labour and Business Employer Engagement – Job Brokerage. Presentation by Claire Hedderman – Recruitment Manager Manager GLLaB

2 Background Set up by Greenwich council in 1996 Social regeneration tool Service embedded in the Planning process

3 GLLaBs Service Delivery Work that we do with local residents Work with Greenwich-based businesses Work with do with Major employers and inward investors Partnership working with community based organisations and other employment and training agencies/services

4 GLLaB Job Brokerage Account management Pre-Employment Training and customised package In work support e.g. Better off in work Financial Advice Support to overcome barriers to employment

5 Funders Extensive experience in delivering support to workless residents. Current programmes City Strategy Pathfinder – Single Points of Access DWP/ESF / DAF LDA Ladders2Success Working Neighbourhoods Fund LDA Personal Best DWP Future Jobs Fund The funding programme impacts on focus of employment support and job broker service delivered to the customer such as residents in deprived areas, Parents, ESOL, health related benefits or job ready customers. Important to seek funds that support key services.

6 Impact of job brokerage -key statistics over the lifetime of project Number of local residents trained. 1,1670 Number of jobs filled. 10,124 Ethnic minority placements into work.48% Long term unemployed (12months+)46% Male into work 61% Female into work 39% Number of local residents on paid work experience (ILM). 354 GLLaB Business Outputs £33.4 m of local business contracts secured

7 How the model works in Greenwich Work with Major Employers Formal commitment to work with GLLaB – S106 On-site offices Financial contributions Good employer relations Bespoke pre employment training Account management Recruitment support services -

8 Services to jobseekers 1. Personalised service 2. Good initial assessments 3. Employment Support Action plan 4. Address barriers to employment such as health issues, drug and alcohol counseling, and housing assistance 5. Follow up with jobseekers is essential 6. Communication via telephone interviews SMS Text Engagement days Resource Centre Employment support programme.

9 Employer engagement AEG Case Study AEG To emulate the Dome success 40% of operational jobs went to Greenwich residents GLLaBs aim to maximise the number of jobs going to those most disadvantaged Work and learn centre Established by GLLaB in May 2005 Part-funded through MDL Operated in partnership with Jobcentre Plus £8 million over 15 years Provides on-site job brokerage service / training Site for handling Olympic vacancies

10 Local Recruitment Approaches: what we needed to do: Long term unemployment Basic Skills and ESOL Engagement Access to jobs Barriers to work

11 Our Approach Jointly developed with AEG PET for The o2 Marketing and promotion – over 20,000 home leafleted Greenwich Times/advertising Website promotions

12 Our approach cont.. Promoted opportunities widely through JCP Roads shows attracting 100s of local residents Pre-screening open days for AEG, tenants and contractors Staffing support to assessment centres and tenants interviewing

13 Achievements with AEG 46% operational jobs – Greenwich residents - Phase 1 60% AEG/Tutankhamun – Phase 2 Sustainable recruitment target – between 42-46%

14 Greenwich Council Workless Agenda – Employer Engagement Greenwich Council have made tackling Worklessness top priority Strong strategic and operational partnership arrangements LSP Greenwich Employment and Sills Partnership (GESP) South East London City Strategy Pathfinder Multi Area Agreement Employer Summits – Employer Engagement in-depth work with major employers to address unemployment in borough. Priorities for tackling worklessness are structured around the following themes: Addressing the barriers that stop people securing work Placing people in employment and helping them progress Building the Local Economy and creating jobs Prevention (stopping the flow of new claimants

15 Customer testimonials : Personal Best Graduate Featured in PB newsletter

16 Change services according to customer feedback PB Focus Groups - a review of services Development of Resource Centre Improve support to meet customer demand CV, Application forms, Skills Checker Dedicated job brokerage team. Centralised job broking Talent Bank SMS Communication Move now towards - advisors completing more submissions.

17 Relationship with Partners and JCP JCP secondee co-location LMS job point Specific programmes Future Jobs Fund Personal Best Service Level Agreement in place. Historical partnership Volunteer Centre Greenwich Greenwich Community College Community Organisations Extensive outreach programme - over 40 locations

18 Accreditations for the project Provides a good template for self assessment and including the customer in the review and development stages Grade A European Computer Driving Licences (ECDL) training suite and exam centre. Contribution to Greenwich Council Beacon Awards, including: Promoting Sustainable Tourism, Improving Accessibility and Reducing Inequalities, Olympic Games and Paralympics Legacy Award Awarded Charter Mark in 2002 and 2006 for excellence in the provision of Public Services. Aligning services to Matrix Standard GLLaB have been awarded the new standard of Customer Service Excellence Award in 2009 issue by Central Government Cabinet Office.

19 Q&A/Discussion

20 Contact Details: Claire Hedderman Powis Street Woolwich London SE18 6NN

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