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Dave Roberts Economic Policy Team Leeds City Council Corporate Debt and Regeneration Policies.

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1 Dave Roberts Economic Policy Team Leeds City Council Corporate Debt and Regeneration Policies

2 Corporate Debt Policy Where we were : Almo inspections Corporate Debt pilot initiative Exclusion to Inclusion Research 2004 – financial exclusion in two speed Leeds 2005, analysis 1,000 debtors with more than 3 years Council Tax arrears, owing approx £4 million in Council debts. Review philosophy

3 Opening the Door Partner Involvement in Drafting Policy –CAB and Advice Agencies –Credit Union –ALMOs –Customer Services

4 Revised approach Residents with 3 years Council Tax debts Reviewed support practices Debt prioritisation and advice Partnership working – advice agencies

5 Policy initiatives and implementation Corporate Debt Liaison Group Debt awareness publicity initiatives Staff presentations and briefings Multiple debt referral process Benefit maximisation and debt / money advice Information sharing

6 Maxine Stavrianakos Income Unit Manager Sheffield Homes Corporate Debt and Social Landlords

7 In the Beginning Cross Party Support Led by the Chief Executive Closing the Gap The Partnership -Financial Inclusion & Neighbourhoods Corporate Debt Approach

8 Today Financial Inclusion Consortium Corporate Financial Inclusion Group - Corporate Debt Group RSL Financial Capability Group DWP Financial Inclusion Champions Corporate Plan Priority 10/11

9 Today - 2 The objective of Strengthening Sheffield's Economy by increasing dependence of individuals upon benefits and undermining the capacity of people to start up businesses, access training and learning Developing Successful Neighbourhoods by entrenching the gap between the most deprived communities and other parts of the city as the recession impacts most significantly upon those in poverty or with low skills levels

10 Today - 3 Efforts to create Inclusive Healthy Communities as those people experiencing financial exclusion experience poorer mental health and wellbeing and sometimes greater reliance on prescribed drugs The work of partners to make Sheffield a Great place to Grow Up as households experiencing financial distress are less likely to create environments in which young people can focus on learning and skills

11 Housing The way we were: 1997 debt in Sheffield and to the City Council not a big issue – gross rent arrears £8m In 2001 gross rent arrears rose to £19.8m No combined debt procedure, no rent arrears procedure Debts looked at in isolation Good working relationships between officers of different Directorates

12 Housing - 2 Fundamental aim – to improve the financial circumstances of vulnerable people Partnership Working - Local Authority, ALMO, Voluntary Community and Faith Sector Established named contacts Joint Training Prescriptive Arrears Policy & Procedure Sensitivity Procedure

13 2009 onwards Consolidated Team – Prevention not Cure Money Advice Officers Early Support Function Affordability interviews Negotiation Promoting Direct Debit and Insurance Quitting Interviews On line referrals Dedicated Advice worker Gross arrears £10.2m

14 Dave Roberts Economic Policy Team Leeds City Council Economic Impact

15 Economic Impact and Regeneration £3m to £9.5m Excess interest paid by Leeds residents Comparison Neighbourhood Renewal Funding £8.4m NRF for 2004/5

16 The Regeneration Agenda Credit Union Affordable Credit –Interest Savings, £1.8m (low income families) Debt and Money Advice –Increase household income, £1.7m Housing Business Case –£8,500, cost to evict a family

17 Economic Impact Research Undertaken by Salford University Linkages between financial inclusion initiatives and economic regeneration Survey of 527 recipients of: – Debt Advice – Credit Union Services – Welfare/Benefits Advice

18 Leeds City Council –Welfare Rights Unit –Corporate Debt Unit –Benefits Service Leeds Debt Advice Agencies (MAP) Social Housing Providers Leeds City Credit Union Utility company (npower) Financial Inclusion Interventions Studied

19 Input-output modelling Quantify the income per beneficiary Family Resource Survey (FRS) data estimate how service users would spend money Use Regional Development Agency (Yorkshire Forward) input-output tables Develop multiplier model software to calculate impact

20 Methodology Economicimpact Costs Benefits Business intervention model Survey Input- output model Return on investment

21 Estimates are conservative Didnt measure impact of generalist advice services Didnt measure the financial impact on health services Avoided double counting When choices/estimates made – always conservative

22 Key Survey Results

23 Borrowing Decisions BeforeNow Take out bank loan / overdraft 11%1% Take out door step lender loan * 22%1% Credit Union loan2%74% Credit union respondents needing £250 in a hurry *Note – Debt advice sample number reduced from 11% to 3%

24 Stress Levels Change in stress levels about financial matters

25 Overall costs & benefits Total increase disposable incomeTotal costs ABLT7,742,760673,577 Leeds MAP1,995,138808,543 Connect20,09517,863 LCCU3,021,468312,500 LCDU355,39388,335 npower925,08467,192 WRU9,404,653847,394 Leeds FI TeamNA113,601 ENEHL1,164,005184,660 Leeds MAP (NHS)1,320,337236,297 Total25,948,9333,349,962

26 Arriving at Economic Impact (1) Increase disposable income Income spent in local economy Cumulative impact regional economy ABLT 7,742,7606,891,0568,599,685 Leeds MAP 1,995,1381,775,6732,215,949 Connect Housing 20,09517,88422,319 LCCU 3,021,4682,258,8492,818,928 LCDU 355,393316,300394,726 npower 925,084823,3251,027,467 WRU 9,404,6538,370,14110,445,506 Leeds MAP (NHS) 1,320,3371,175,0991,466,464 ENEHL 1,155,4771,028,3751,283,359 Total 25,948,93322,664,29228,283,874

27 Arriving at Economic Impact (2) Cumulative impact local economy Operating costsReturn on £1 invested ABLT 8,599, , Leeds MAP 2,215, , Connect Housing 22,319 17, LCCU 2,818, , LCDU 394,726 88, npower 1,027,467 67, WRU 10,445, , Leeds FI TeamNA113,601NA Leeds MAP (NHS) 1,466, , ENEHL 1,292, , Total28,283,8743,349,9628.4

28 Concluding remarks Financial inclusion should be viewed holistically – Dont Cherry Pick Involves national public expenditure Valuable regeneration vehicle Illustrates what local authorities can achieve but need national action to solve problem

29 Contact details Dave Roberts Leeds City Council Economic Policy Team 0044 (0) Maxine Stavrianakos Sheffield Homes 0044 (0)

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