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Mechanical/Thermal Measurements T. Bowcock, J. Carroll.

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1 Mechanical/Thermal Measurements T. Bowcock, J. Carroll

2 Production Facility Have been waiting for release of clean- rooms Full release of space next week –Had to move in before handover(!)

3 Production Facilities LHCb R&D



6 Thermal Measurements



9 Measuring Temperature Use IR camera –Note measurements in vacuo through window introduce an offset (!) –Extra thermal sensors for recalibration –Linearity Is it maintained? Seems to be to about 1C over range –20 to +20.


11 11C (spot) Ansys Al model (10C) Tochnog Calibration Model

12 Power Delta(T) (from nominal) Calibration Model

13 Chip glue kapton sensor ceramic TPG Chip glue kapton sensor TPG CF weave CF(UD)





18 Improvements Holes in kapton –a la ATLAS Non uniform thickness –Frame engineered in CF can reduce operating temperature by several degrees –Minimize(reduces) the amount of material

19 Mechanical Hybrid 2 nd prototype CF manufactured –Photo available if necessary –Bows <50 microns across 10cm –Precision slots manufactured in CF using spark erosion But slow and expensive 3 rd CF prototype –Reduce the bow < 25 microns –Insert the TPG Aliminium Nitride Substrates exist (correct size and thickness). –Laser cutting –Bonding to TPG



22 Electronics Cooling Bracket & Fixings Carbon Fiber Paddle Micrometer Adjusters Paddle Base Flat Spring Location Base Substrates Silicon Detectors x y y z z x (pitch) (roll) (slew)


24 Pre-alignment Jig Two hybrids relative to each other Jig being designed… –Relatively simple device


26 Adjustments- Translations X –6 microns/5 degrees Y –7 microns/5 degrees Z –2 microns/5 degrees (*)

27 Rotations Slew –0.88 degree for full scale(see Y drive) Roll –0.25 degree for 360 degree adjustments(8 microns drive/5 degree adjustments) Pitch –0.26 degree for 540 degrees adjustment(10 microns approx in y/5 degree)

28 Thermal Measurements Preliminary look at the alignment mechanism –Increase temperature of base by +10 degrees relative to platform –X,Z movement small but large pitch O(100)micron

29 Conclusions Thermal module –Real prototype being built –All components –Calibration model consistent with measurement Mechanical Alignement –2 nd prototype mechanism behaves much as expected –Need to understand problem thermal movement Module modifications –Cabling (cf. N.A. Smith next week!)

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