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Derby City Council CYPD Derby Children & Young Peoples Partnership.

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1 Derby City Council CYPD Derby Children & Young Peoples Partnership

2 Derby City Council CYPD workshop About the Light house Lessons from IDCS integration Consultation findings

3 Derby City Council CYPD The Integrated Disabled Childrens Service (IDCS) What a partnership!

4 Derby City Council CYPD What is IDCS? Specialist Service for disabled children with severe and complex needs. Health Act s.31 partnership The Light House built through a LIFT partnership Health, Social Care and Education staff

5 Derby City Council CYPD What the Light House provides Residential overnights (10) beds) Community based activities for children Statutory social work Behavioural support Family support/ parenting support & assessment Therapy in schools OT aids, equipment and adaptations Special Needs Toy Library & play advice Specialist Nursery early Intervention & holistic care Single point of access: parents, colleagues & children Information: website; newsletter; electronic resource development

6 Derby City Council CYPD Arrangement of multi- disciplinary teams Under 11 team: bringing casework & early intervention together Pre-school team specialist nursery, Parenting & family support, Over 11 team: casework: focus on transition, ILF & direct payments. CST: community activities Therapy Team: therapy support in schools & home Residential Team: meeting the complex clinical and social care needs of children

7 Derby City Council CYPD Integrating myths & issues Cultural barriers / differences Diminution of professional role Information & file sharing CAFs & referrals cross border links & operational management

8 Derby City Council CYPD Governance & management We are not yet a whole system We have integrated operational management, systems and processes Fully integrated residential services Not all budgets are pooled as yet – but most are. Governance responsibility; tasks delegated & self assessment and audit tools IDCS Partnership Management Board

9 Derby City Council CYPD Management complexities Clinical S.V. Prof. Agency Management Int. Operational management NurseSocial Worker O.T.

10 Derby City Council CYPD Integrated Management Integrated services need a different type of management structure & style –Professionals & governance –Professionals & supervision / management –Professional Registration & CPD –SSD command & control management style –Matrix supervision…… flatter hierarchy

11 Derby City Council CYPD Leadership A leaders main function is to serve as a catalyst of change, but never a controller of change, Aviolo 1994 The leaders value base… what informs her!

12 Derby City Council CYPD Management of change Management of change Your integration is my fragmentation Leutz Being the agent of change has a different quality to that of being changed Around 1/3 rd staff will struggle what ever you do…. BUT most can make the journey

13 Derby City Council CYPD Tools to help integrate Direct work towards a written task – in our case a development plan. –Reduced contention around philosophy, culture or traditions –Solution focussed –Influencers/ change agents in group –Learned language together –There is an achievement – a quick win

14 Derby City Council CYPD Tools to help integrate Task by task. –Work together in (short life) groups on issues in common / service development. –Ensure that staff have direction, protection and are valued for their group contributions –Dont underestimate the value of well earned praise and reward.

15 Derby City Council CYPD Outcomes Single Point of Access, Standardised Risk Assessment, CAF, Integrated systems & processes: working well! Reduction family breakdown leading to LAC in 06 but steady CP work. Enhancement of professional role. Service improvement – residential childrens home High level of parent & child satisfaction

16 Derby City Council CYPD Current consultation Children & Young People: n=27 –ACA affective communication assessment –Structured Observation Parent Carers n= 25/27 –Semi Structured interview Practitioners: n = 8 –Action Learning Sets

17 Derby City Council CYPD Professional Culture: assistance or barrier? are not a unique and beautiful snowflake Fight Club. 2.Find a large important document to write together 3.Retain professional links 4.Eventually you realise: we have become more than the sum of our parts

18 Derby City Council CYPD In case you need a shine….

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