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The geoXwalk project funded under JISC DNER Development Programme –builds on scoping study –aims to develop a demonstrator gazetteer service suitable for.

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1 The geoXwalk project funded under JISC DNER Development Programme –builds on scoping study –aims to develop a demonstrator gazetteer service suitable for extension to full service. time-frame: 1 June 2002 - 31 May 2003 project partners: EDINA and History Data Service aims: to develop a demonstrator suitable for extension to full service near-contemporary geography focus, linking back into history geoXwalk demonstrator due in 2003

2 JISC Information Environment -geoXwalk as shared service Portal Content providers End-user Portal Broker/Aggregator Authentication Authorisation Collectn Desc Service Desc Resolver Instn Profile Shared services Portal Provision layer Fusion layer Presentation layer geoXwalk

3 Reference use Information server Searching Geoparsing & indexing The geoXwalk Server geoXwalk as a digital gazetteer service: use cases

4 Uses of geoXwalk Digital Gazetteer Service 1. As shared service, enabling other information services to support full range of spatial searching (query constraints) no need to hold all data (at service) to resolve spatial query uses co-ordinates and (implicit) spatial relationships to cross-walk between geographies machine-to-machine (m2m) interaction to shared service 2. As reference facility for researchers, libraries & museums including means to resolve variant names etc. 3. As online facility to assist metadata creators and means to semi- automatically georeference existing resources

5 Supporting cross searching different services geoXwalk Server Content Provider CContent Provider A Content Provider B Coordinate footprints Parish names Place names Portal service Post code: L34 0HS? Find resources for this postcode (NB postcode often used to geo-reference survey data files) Knowsley 340900,392300 - 347217, 397660 BX003

6 Supporting reference: the where is? type of question What is at grid ref. NY 305 573 ? Where is Aberdour? What is the largest town in Aberdeenshire? List me all places ending with kirk What parishes fall within the Loch Lomond National Park? On what river is Dundee situated? Which Roman roads pass through Scotland? By what alternative names has Edinburgh been known? + research use to resolve variant names etc.

7 Helping to make simple searching more effective Find me documents on the 'Liverpool docks Search terms: subject = docks, place = liverpool Using spatial proximity place search terms become Liverpool Bebbington Birkenhead Bootle New Brighton Seacombe Seaforth Waterloo

8 As online facility to assist metadata creation Most of the extant resources in the JISC IE have some form of spatial reference e.g. placename, county name, postcode A geoparser has been developed which will assist in the semi-automatic indexing of these resources by using the gazetteer as reference. The results of the geoparsing can be used to update the documents metadata, making it directly geographically searchable.

9 Need screen shot of parser here

10 Developments to Date 1.Creation & Population of gazetteer database with: Enhanced OS 1:50,000 Gazetteer Digital boundary data (UKBORDERS) Additional Place Name Variants (partial for Scotland and Wales) Derived multisource data e.g. named woodlands and lakes based on hybrid 50K gaz and Strategi products 2.Development of spatial extensions to database to support enhanced geographic search capabilities 3.Development of middleware to support machine2machine and interactive searching 4.Support for and testing of alternative query protocols -ADL / OGC 5.Development of the geoparser

11 Ongoing Work and Issues Merging geo-data from different scales & from different sources –how to accommodate historical data –positional accuracy & expression of confidence? –how to minimise effort in de-duplication of place(s) ? places have multiple names, types, and footprints need to be able to identify duplicate entries for the same place Presenting geo-names on different occasions? –many variant proper names, what is preferred? what is the name authority body? - none in the Scotland or the UK preferred name varies with location and use and culture –there are language and character code set issues –standard codes for postal addresses and other geographies IPR issues in metadata; and hence terms & conditions of use Service performance issues and appropriate protocols

12 Potential Exit Strategies R&D focussed: Exploration of map conflation issues - how to identify and resolve feature duplication Alternative technological solutions for performance enhancement, including GRID technologies and/or parallel databases Further development and refinement of the geoparser as a project in its own right Chesire II and Z39.50 implementation? Service focussed Shared service testbed - Controlled roll out of existing demonstrator to limited audience to better gauge usage and performance issues Full roll out incorporating R&D phase to pragmatically resolve conflation and performance issues

13 Summary Conclusions 1.geographic referencing is needed in the JISC IE for indexing information objects & for finding out what is where 2.names as words are not enough places need their co-ordinate numbers digital gazetteer services can add value a few initiatives internationally, now beginning to collaborate common data model, protocols, sharing data & interoperability licensing and copyright are serious issues particularly if want wider, global access a variety of interesting technical challenges to tackle: resolving data from multiple sources perfomance and scalability issues utility of adopted protocols

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