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DNA "The Blueprint of Life". DNA stands for... DeoxyriboNucleic Acid.

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1 DNA "The Blueprint of Life"


3 DNA stands for... DeoxyriboNucleic Acid

4 DNA FACTS ● established by James Watson and Francis Crick ● Shape of a double helix

5 ● codes for your genes (traits) ● made of repeating subunits called nucleotides

6 What is a nucleotide? Has three parts: PHOSPHATE DEOXYRIBOSE (sugar) BASE (A,T,G,C) Phosphate Sugar Base

7 Base-Pair Rule Adenine Thymine Guanine Cytosine The sides of the DNA ladder are phosphate & sugar held together by hydrogen bonds

8 Base Pair Rule One side: A T A T C A T G C G G G Other side:


10 What is the relationship between GENES and DNA?

11 How the Code Works The combination of A,T,G,C determines what traits you might have..... C A T C A T = purple hair T A C T A C = yellow hair

12 Think of the bases of DNA like letters. Letters form words.... Words form sentences.... *endless combinations

13 Let's Review What We Know About DNA 1. DNA stands for: De _____ ribo ______ acid 2. What is the shape of DNA? ______________ 3. Who established the structure of DNA? ____________ and ______________ 4. Adenine always pairs with _______________ 5. The sides of the DNA ladder are deoxyribose and _______________

14 6. Guanine always pairs with _____________ 7. What is the complementary sequence: C A T T A G 8. The two sides of DNA are held together by _______ bonds. 9. DNA is composed of repeating subunits called ______________________ 10. What are the 4 bases that make up the rungs of the DNA ladder? ____________________

15 DNA REPLICATION the process by which DNA makes a copy of itself (cell division) SEMI-CONSERVATIVE - half of the old strand is saved


17 RNA - the messenger *single strand *ribose sugar *contains no thymine, uracil instead *follows base pair rule, but A ⇒ U DNA: A T A G C G RNA:

18 RNA carries the "message" to the ribosomes, where proteins are made


20 What is a gene? A section of DNA, with many bases that codes for a protein Results in a TRAIT

21 Biology 2A Advanced Section How does DNA make a protein?

22 DNA --> RNA --> Protein Proteins are the building blocks of the organism (traits)

23 Transcription - process where RNA is made from DNA Translation - process where proteins are made from RNA


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