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Writing a Myth or Legend This week we will write our own myth or legend, step by step.

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1 Writing a Myth or Legend This week we will write our own myth or legend, step by step

2 Lets just remind ourselves what features are common to these genres Checklist for a myth Story about gods and goddesses; Includes magical elements and powers; Features heroic characters; May explain a strange/important happening in nature; Features danger and violent acts; Includes attack/revenge; Set in ancient times; Uses powerful imagery; May mention strange creatures Checklist for a legend Story about people; Little mention of gods/goddesses; Possible basis of truth; Features heroic characters; Emphasis on bravery and daring deeds; Battles or confrontations likely; Distinction made between honour and dishonour; Good defeats evil; Features a traditional ending.

3 Long ago, near the beginning of time, there existed an exquisite Greek island which lay in the middle of the glorious Mediterranean Sea. Every day the sun would blaze down upon the idyllic island, making the calm waves shimmer and sparkle like precious gems. One islander, was a remarkable man called Lucas. He lived with his gentle mother and was well liked by everyone who lived on the island. He had a generous and caring nature, however he was also a strong athlete and had won all sporting contests held on the island. Little did he know but his real father was none other than Hephaistos, an Olympic god. His mother was at pains to keep the secret of his true parentage hidden for fear of the wrath of Hephaistos own wife, the goddess, Aphrodite. You would imagine, that on such island of perfection, Lucas and all the people who lived there would have been desperately content.However a great danger lay over the people like a thick black cloud.

4 A few years earlier and much to their immense delight and pride of the King, the Queen of the island give birth to a much longed for baby girl. To them, she was both sun and moon. The incredible jealousy, the Kings own sister, felt for their happiness, was like a vicious cancer feeding upon her so she put a enchanted curse on the newly born princess. The curse meant that when the princess turned eighteen, the ferocious beast of the island, Crocodon, would kidnap the princess and take her prisoner.

5 Eventually this day arrived. The Kings sister kept to her word and the princess was captured by Crocodon. The King and Queen were distraught. They knew there was nobody who could stand up to the power of Crocodon. He was a formidable beast, half human and half reptile, with poisonous skin and with a whip-like, powerful forked tongue. He was a mortal enemy to all humankind and attacked all who came near him. His dark and dismal cave, just off the island, was virtually impossible to reach. Many had tried before to slay the scaly skinned brute but their attempts had always ended in fatal tragedy.

6 The king held an emergency royal meeting, where it was suggested the young, brave athlete,could be the one to rescue the captivating princess from the evil Crocodon. Immediately the kings guards went to summon Lucas. Lucas was to be their brave champion and only hope in their desperate world. He accepted the quest bravely as he was always so keen to help others. Before leaving, the king gave Lucas his own magic sword. The only thing Lucus had to worry about was getting close enough to Crocodon, to kill him as the poisonous fumes the creature emitted from his mouth and the highly toxic reptilian skin he was covered in meant if any human came into direct contact with him, their own skin would burn and smoulder, bubble and blister and result in an agonising death.

7 Early the following morning, Lucas embarked on his adventure. He launched his boat into the sea and headed for Crocodons cave.As the journey went on, the weather became worse the result of the evil sisters black magic, the sea became stormier and Lucas began to get an uneasy feeling in the pit his stomach. Would he ever return to his beloved island? Just then, Lucas saw the open mouth of the cave on the horizon and he sailed as fast as he could to get there. Upon his arrival on the shore littered with festering human remains, he was greeted by the formidable sight of Crocodon, who was not pleased to see the hero, with his magic sword in hand. Little did the boy wonder know that the very sword, he brandished had been intricately fashioned in the strongest metal by his own father, God of all Blacksmiths. No physical harm would come to the holder of this miraculous sword and instant death to anyone wounded with it.

8 At once Crocodon launched himself at Lucas, however Lucas was to quick for the huge,bulky monster and he quickly dodged out of the way. Now, Crocodon was fuelled with rage and his ear piercing roar could be heard for miles. Lucus was not afraid, he swiftly ran to the back of Crocodon, raised his sword and plunged it into Crocodons slimy, scaly spine. Instantly the monster let out a blood curdling wail and slowly stumbled to the ground. He collapsed at the feet of Lucus, simmering and writhing until at last everything was silent and still. Crocodon was dead!

9 Suddenly, out of the silence, Lucas could hear a quiet whimpering sound. He realised at once, it must be the princess and dashed into the cave. Before him, was the most amazing sight he had ever seen. The beautiful princess sat as helpless as a kitten, chained to a marble pillar. Amazingly she was physically unharmed by the beast. He immediately untied her, covered her with his cape and carried her as if she were a delicate glass treasure, to his humble boat and then to safety, all the way back to the royal palace.

10 When Lucas and the princess arrived back, the king and queen were overwhelmed. Their joy was the breeze in a scorching Greek summer. They could not thank Lucas enough. They gave him a reward of money which meant he was able to live like a king for the rest of his days and the hand of the fair princess, who could love no other. Also the king allowed for Lucas to keep his magic sword, so Lucas hung it on his wall as a constant reminder of his courage and bravery. As for the evil sister, she spent the rest of her venomous days exiled on the very same bay where the Crocodon had lived his short but blood thirsty life. From Mount Olympus, his father shone proudly on his heroic son. He was well pleased with the exploits of his secret son.


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