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1 Islamic Medicine By Mr DayDownloaded from

2 Lesson Objectives To understand and learn about the nature and importance of Islamic Medicine.

3 Introduction to Islam Islam is a new religion by world standards. Based on the teachings and wise statements of the prophet Muhammad. Muhammad died in 632 AD Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims are expected to live their lives by the holy book of Islam – the Quran.

4 Influence of Islam After the death of Muhammad Islam was ruled by people called Caliphs. Caliphs tried to spread the word of Islam whenever they could. The Quran said hygiene was very important. As Islam spread Mosques and baths were built.

5 Learning Islam encouraged learning. Arabic doctors used Greek texts. Some Arab doctors developed these ideas in their own books. Arab doctors were very familiar with the work of people such as Hippocrates.

6 Treating Patients Muslims believed that diseases could be sent by God. Unlike Christians Muslims believed in finding remedies for disease rather than relying on prayer. As a result Islamic medicine was far more advanced than medicine in the West.

7 Other points to Remember… Islam believed Hygiene was important for health. Charity and caring for others encouraged. Hospitals set up for sick. Sick people even given money so they didnt have to rush back to work.

8 What to do next…. Read diagnosing and treating disease. Discuss with your partner how disease was diagnosed and treated. Construct a spider gram to illustrate the factors you discussed.

9 Diagnosing and treating disease. Drugs… Hospitals... Rhazes… Avicenna…

10 What we have learnt today… Islam built on the knowledge and understanding of other cultures. E.g. Greeks Islam encouraged the development of medicine through the words of the Quran. Diseases were diagnosed and treated.

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