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Raising Achievement Using ICT History Mexborough School By Mr RJ Huggins.

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2 Raising Achievement Using ICT History Mexborough School By Mr RJ Huggins

3 Raising Achievement Using ICT ICT allow teachers to present information in new and exciting formats. It encourages even experienced staff to experiment with new teaching styles and share good practice. Packages like PowerPoint allow teachers to animate pictures, diagrams, photographs, maps & even mark schemes. Pupils of all abilities, especially boys, find the visual nature of PowerPoint a lot more accessible. It gives pupils access to teaching materials that would be normally far too expensive to reproduce. The media effects can help to add pace, style and fun into a lesson. Data projectors & PowerPoint are tailor made for allowing students to develop their oracy & literacy skills. Broadband access and interactive whiteboards can bring CD ROMs and revision websites to life.

4 The Battle of Hastings, 1066 Unsuitable for horsemen Harold Army forms a shield Wall Williams Horsemen Williams Archers Williams Spearmen & Foot soldiers Harolds Housecarls Fyrd: Part Time Soldiers

5 Final Stage: Death of Harold William sends in a hit squad of Normans to kill King Harold Then it was with an arrow which was shot towards the sky, struck Harold above the right eye. Guy of Amein, 1067 Receiving the fatal arrow from a distance, he died. One of the Norman soldiers with a sword then cut off his leg as he lay. William of Mamesbury, 1125

6 The Battlefield Today King Harold was killed here

7 Why was the Roman Army so Successful? Extended Writing

8 Weapons & Armour Training Discipline Rewards Organisation Tactics

9 Causes of the Depression: Fear Fewer goods are sold. Demand drops. In order to stay in business companies cut wages People lose their confidence & start saving their money Demand drops even further. Companies are forced to cut costs by laying people off Even more people lose their confidence and spend less money People lose their jobs. The Spiral Of Depression

10 Unemployment in the USA Election FDR becomes President The First New Deal Sick Chickens Case: The Supreme Court declares the New Deal as being Unconstitutional The Second New Deal Impact on the Spiral of Depression? Start of the 2WW in Europe Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor Election

11 Summary of key words In order to get a a grade C upwards in exams, you must learn and use the key words & facts. These concepts will be awarded as key knowledge. Spiral of Depression Fear / Confidence Fireside Chats Alphabet Agencies AAA, CCC, TVA, NRA, WPA & PWA Key Words

12 Exam Question How useful is this source to explain what action FDR took to end the Depression?

13 Mark Scheme LevelGradeDescription 1ESimple undeveloped answer. 2DUses or combines information from the sources. 3C/BUses sources & own relevant knowledge / concepts. 4A/A*Balanced answer covering both parts of the question

14 Level 3 Fireside Chats introduced to tackle Fear which was resulting in a loss of confidence led to people not spending money & Spiral of Depression. Banking Crisis, FDR usedFireside chats to restore public confidence in the reopened banks. No mention of the Alphabet Agencies: CCC, AAA, TVA, NRA, PWA & WPA. ForAgainst Level 4 = an answer which includes one from each column.

15 ICT can bring historical sources alive The multimedia effects can add style, pace and fun to a lesson. It encourages experienced staff to experiment with new teaching styles & to share good practice.

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