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1 What is a Counselor? and why would I need one.....

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1 1 What is a Counselor? and why would I need one.....

2 2 Class Lessons -Organization, Time Management, Active Listening, Note Taking, Test Taking, Homework, Bullying, Goal Setting, Group Counseling -Study Skills, Changing Families, Friendship Building, Social Skills Individual Counseling -Family, Friends, Classes, Teachers, Grades, Behavior, Goal Setting How do Counselors IMPACT me?

3 3 Helper…… A counselor’s job is to help students be happy and successful at school. Counselors listen to students whenever they have problems at home or school.

4 4 Ms. Reich works with... Students Parents Teachers Mr. Jones Mr. Strickland Dr. Cleaves Nurse Jackson Mrs. Mercer

5 5 What kinds of problems can I talk with Ms. Reich about? Friendship Grades Peer Conflicts Family Relationships Teacher Relationships Stress Feelings like sad, angry, scared…

6 6 Confidentiality… Confidentiality means that things are kept private. Ms. Reich never tells others what you have said. The only time Ms. Reich would have to tell an adult is if you are threatening harm to yourself or others or if someone was harming you.

7 7 Weird or Bad? Students that come to see the school counselor are not weird or bad. They may need someone to listen to their problems and give them some help.

8 8 If Ms. Reich ever comes to get a student, remember, you are not in trouble. I am the person you come to in order to PREVENT trouble.

9 9 Problem Solver… Counselors cannot “fix” your problems. They teach you to work through them and cope with them.

10 10 Expectations for Class Lessons Everyone has the right to express their thoughts, feeling, and ideas. If you are ever called on to do so and don’t want to, you may pass. Listen to others as they express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Respect others. No one may laugh at or put down anyone else. 10

11 11 How to see the Ms. Reich… Let your teacher know you would like to make an appointment, and he/she will notify Ms. Reich. Let me know when you see me. Leave me a note in the envelope on my door. I will give your homeroom teacher an appointment slip that he/she will give to you. It will tell you what time your appointment is for the day. Emergencies can always see me!!

12 12 QUESTIONS? 12

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