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Let Me “Paint” You What I Know By Amanda Garrett Bailey.

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2 Let Me “Paint” You What I Know By Amanda Garrett Bailey

3 Basic Information about Paint Tools: Many computer or tablet games, no matter what subject area, use Paint Tools to operate their games. Basic knowledge will be a support tool for using other preprogrammed computer games.

4 Paint Tools help us demonstrate: The recognition of shapes. The recognition terms used by the teacher for drawing with the paint tools, such as; background, fill, closed figure, text, and font.

5 Different activities with Paint Tools The teacher will read a story from a book or a teacher made story. The teacher may choose any story but a teacher made story may serve to aid the teacher by in cooperating different subject areas. Math, shapes, special location and using creative art skills. The students will use the paint tools to draw, write or color. The students will demonstrate their listening and following direction skills.

6 Imagine the possibilities of using Paint Tools with the following story: My Spring Day Today the sky is blue. I saw 4 birds in the sky. There are 3 fluffy clouds in the sky. The grass is green. The tree has a few leaves. I saw a pond with 2 orange fish in it. My spring day was very pretty because there were round colorful flowers in different shapes and sizes. Awe Spring!!

7 Math Lesson:  Using teacher read instructions and Paint Tools:  Draw 3 circles.  Next draw 2 squares.  Write the number of shapes they have drawn in all. = 5

8 Story Telling:  Draw a picture on your own using your own creation.  Tell your story about your picture.  Pick a classmate’s picture and make up a story using the picture that he or she has drawn.

9 Writing Lesson:  Using Paint tools decorate:  a thank you card  get well card  card for your parent  card for your friend

10 Oh the Possibilities with PAINT TOOLS!

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