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South Africa. ANC African National Congress ANC Info: Founded in 1912 fights for rights of black South Africans 1948-used passive resistance 1960-South.

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1 South Africa

2 ANC African National Congress


4 ANC Info: Founded in 1912 fights for rights of black South Africans 1948-used passive resistance 1960-South African government banned ANC and jailed its members

5 Stephen Biko


7 Born December 18, 1946 Died September 12, 1977 founder of Black Consciousness Movement Wanted Rights for black South Africans Died from head injuries he received after being arrested

8 Stephen Biko’s gravesite

9 A Look at Apartheid

10 Segregated Beach




14 South African Miners on Strike

15 Wits University, 1987 Student Demonstration

16 Whites Only Beach

17 Athlone, Cape Town 1988: Police take action against demonstrators, shooting and lobbing teargas, rubber bullets.

18 Johannesburg - In the days of apartheid segregated toilets in the city for black and white people.

19 Robertson, Western Cape. 1990 Funeral for a teenager killed by police during anti-apartheid demonstration.

20 Cape Town, South Africa 1989: The first legal march since the Emergency where about 20 000 people protested against police brutality in Cape Town. Led by Archbishop Tutu, Boesak and other leading anti apartheid leaders

21 Townships A segregated area where blacks in South Africa were forced to live under apartheid.


23 Shack Window

24 Passbook

25 Every South African over the age of 16 had to carry a pass. It names the places where the person lives and works.

26 Bantustans “Homelands” where black South Africans were forced to live. poor quality land, few jobs Only about 14% of South Africa’s land was reserved for 68% of the population.


28 Nelson Mandela *South African leader of the ANC *Imprisoned for 27 years for “conspiring to overthrow the South African government” *In 1994 became the first black president of South Africa




32 F. W. de Klerk South African President from 1989- 1994

33 de Klerk Supporter of Apartheid, but realized it was ruining his country Removed ban on ANC Ended many apartheid laws Freed Mandela (Mandela was 72 years old!) Worked with Mandela to improve South Africa

34 Nelson Mandela and F. W. de Klerk won the Nobel Peace Prize for their work to end apartheid peacefully.

35 Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe Current President of South Africa

36 People in South Africa are still working to make the lives of their people better!

37 Apartheid Vocabulary Bantustan: “Homelands” where black South Africans were forced to live under racial separation Township: Black-only residential settlements near white cities “Whites”: People of European ancestry “Asians”: People from India and other places in Asia

38 Apartheid Vocabulary “Coloreds”: People of mixed ancestry “Blacks”: Native Africans Apartheid: The South African system in which racial groups were kept separate, and racial discrimination was legal Boycott: The refusal to buy goods or use services from a particular group, company or country

39 Apartheid Vocabulary Afrikaners: South Africans who are descendents of Dutch, German, Belgian, and French settlers Nelson Mandela: First black South African president; jailed for 27 years by the South African government because he fought for black South African rights; he was 72 years old when released from prison (Feb. 1990)

40 Apartheid Vocabulary African National Congress (ANC): Political organization established by black South Africans 1912 to fight for equal rights; used passive resistance as a means of protest Boers: South Africans of Dutch ancestry Enclave: Small territory or country entirely surrounded by a larger territory or country

41 Apartheid Vocabulary Colonize: To settle an area and take over or create a new government Nationalism: Feeling of pride for one’s own homeland; a group’s identity as members of a nation Pan-Africanism: A movement that stressed unity among ALL Africans

42 Apartheid Vocabulary Discriminate: to treat people unfairly based on race, religion or gender Homeland: South African lands where blacks were forced to live under apartheid; driest and least fertile parts of the country Cape Town: The legislative capital of South Africa

43 Apartheid Vocabulary F.W. de Klerk: President of South Africa from 1989-1994; ended apartheid laws and freed Mandela; was vice-president under Mandela; Co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (shared with Mandela)

44 Apartheid Vocabulary Passbook: Every black South African age 16 and older was required to carry a “passport” inside their own country; passbook listed where you worked and lived; government did NOT want black South Africans to leave their designated areas

45 Apartheid Vocabulary Stephen Biko: Founder of “The Black Consciousness Movement” (BCM); wanted equal rights for black South Africans; murdered while in police custody Civil Rights Movement: Large group of people working together in the U.S. during the 1960’s to end segregation and provide equal rights for ALL Americans

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