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Kodak single use camera

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1 Kodak single use camera
Materials Fewer material types Plastics labelled for recycling End of Life Collection system for old products to feed into remanufacture Testing and reuse of components Testing and reuse of batteries, or donated Plastic cases reground and fed into manufacture

2 Kambrook’s AXIS kettle
Energy reduction during use – consumer education Clear indicators – to stop overfilling Double insulation layer – to minimise need for reboiling Temperature gauge to indicate the suitability of the water for making tea or coffee– to minimise need for reboiling Although more materials were used in the final design, the energy efficiency was dramatically increased, and it is the use phase which has been identified as having the greatest environmental impact in goods of this nature

3 Philips Philips focus on 5 focal areas: Weight Hazardous substances
Recycling and disposal Energy consumption Packaging Philips' Eco-Product 1998 – ‘Typhoon’, a high-end colour monitor from Philips Monitors in Chupai, Taiwan. Less materials 42% fewer components and fewer PCBs Reduced packaging 35% reduction in assembly time.

4 Xerox Length of life End of life Materials
Photocopiers are leased – higher quality, more durable, Xerox maintain value End of life Machines are designed for disassembly Components are tested and reused Plastic exterior covers from collected copiers are broken down, washed, then recycled. Materials The plastic is used in the manufacture of new photocopiers.

5 Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Very durable – 12 year warranty Uses materials sparingly Uses recycled materials Easy to maintain & repair Designed for easy disassembly Of course, ergonomics excellent & very adjustable


7 Sony Speakers Sony used recycled material from Tetrapak milk cartons, called Tectan, & cardboard to case their speaker systems. They found that this actually improved the performance of the speakers

8 Wind-up technology

9 Air Filled packaging Reduces waste & transportation costs
Creates a responsible impression

10 ‘Sunrise’ Solar Table The 'Sunrise' outdoor table collects solar energy via 12 solar panels housed the transparent table top, in conjunction with a charge controller and 12V battery to store solar energy for evening lighting. The central light is in the 'down' position during the daytime whilst charging takes places.  It is released when required, by pushing down upon the central dome. A central column then rises up via the internal gas strut, and illuminates automatically. 18 White LED's are angled to evenly illuminate the tabletop.  The system is designed to work in overcast conditions and on a full days charge will produce between hours of illumination. © Ben Manwaring / Department of Design and Technology, Loughborough University

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