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Career Development for Psychologists 2009. Presenters 18 th November Enhancing your Psychology related CV: Carolyn McBride, Careers Adviser Health Psychology:

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1 Career Development for Psychologists 2009

2 Presenters 18 th November Enhancing your Psychology related CV: Carolyn McBride, Careers Adviser Health Psychology: Althea Valentine, BOS Division of Health Psychology Support Officer and Health Psychologist in Training, Nottingham University Occupational Psychology Amanda Harrington Chartered Psychologist MSc, BSc(Hons). Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Consultant

3 Career Development for Psychologists Enhancing your CV The importance of getting involved Different types of work experience Sources of work experience CVs for psychologists Further resources and links

4 Extra-curricular activities which develop your skills/experience further…. Volunteering ( during studies or in vacations - UK or abroad) Part-time employment Placements Home circumstances/responsibilities Positions of responsibility Workshadowing Networking /Talks/ Events Specialist interests Work Experience (paid / unpaid – temp / permanent)

5 What are the benefits of undertaking relevant work experience? Insight into a career Improve your employability Develop skills and knowledge Boost your CV Earn some money (for paid positions) Confidence building Networking contacts Relate theory to practice Contacts for your final year dissertation FOR EMPLOYMENT or POSTGRADUATE STUDY IN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY/SOCIAL SECTORS, RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE IS OFTEN ESSENTIAL

6 What types of organisations could I approach for work experience? Ask postgraduate admissions tutors and attend Open Days postgraduate/careers-in-psychology---postgraduate_home.cfm Consider Central & Local Government Departments e.g. Civil Service, NHS, Social Services, Criminal Justice Boards, Probation Service, Prison Service, Education Department Approach Chartered Psychologists - see the BPS website for a list of Chartered Psychologists working in specific fields and locations Consider the voluntary sector and agencies e.g. Dont forget Charities e.g. and Get University Departments for research assistant roles University Student Union groups e.g. Action Private and commercial organisations

7 Search Google for Case Studies

8 CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY ……………… Assistant Psychologist (competitive + after graduating) – excellent if you are considering moving into Clinical Psychology but also valuable for other applied Psychology fields - !!! Research Assistant posts in university departments Nursing assistant in Psychiatric Units Care worker in care homes, hospice, special hospital Mental health worker in NHS Welfare agencies that work with people who have a disability, drug or alcohol problem, eating disorder etc. Criminal Justice Organisations Charities e.g. MIND and day centre work Ideas for Work Experience

9 COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY (also refer to last weeks presentation)……… Experience of working with a diverse range of people, such as the mentally ill, drug abusers, victims or survivors of sexual abuse, youth. n.b. Often basic counselling skills training is useful, or provided, before embarking on volunteer work Summer Camp Counsellors Student2student – Action + Counselling provide certificate Relate – relationship counselling Cruse - bereavement care NSPCC - Helpline volunteer

10 FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY………….. Experience of working in a forensic setting e.g. Enforcement / Rehabilitation Employment with the prison or probation services as a psychology assistant or probation service officer Criminal Justice System Volunteers e.g –The Probation Service/YOT teams in some areas run a volunteer mentor programme where you will receive training before volunteering –ACTION at Lboro Students Union offer YOT volunteering Voluntary & work experience with offenders/victims in other settings/agencies e.g. National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders See jobs section for great list of ideas

11 Google > agencies offenders Leicestershire

12 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY………… Work with children (0-19) in an educational, social care or community setting Teaching Assistant in a special school Learning Assistant in schools/FE Youth Club/Summer Camp Assistant Mentoring Reading volunteer Working/volunteering for charities and voluntary bodies such as Barnardo's ( or The National Autistic Society ( There are many more opportunities to gain good and relevant experience.

13 > Vacancies

14 Health Psychology………………. Similar opportunities to Clinical /Educational Psychology For other ideas refer to BPS website > do/areas/health.cfm and read the areas this field covers do/areas/health.cfm Seek out agencies that focus on peoples health issues e.g. Smoking Cessation NHS project worker, Drugs Worker, Agency workers who support carers, Health Education Officers, Sure Start roles, agencies supporting eating disorders etc OUR Speaker - Althea Valentine will explain more

15 Occupational Psychology………. The speciality is broader in scope than most other areas of psychology touching on the diverse fields including ergonomics, personnel management, and time management. Work can be in an advisory, teaching and research roles, and to a lesser extent, technical and administrative roles. Relevant work experience may be found in large companies (in both the private and public sectors), in government and public services, in management training centres and for private consultancies. The Civil Service is one of the largest single employers of occupational psychologists: the prison service, the Home Office, the Employment Department Group (including the Employment Service), the Ministry of Defence, and the Civil Service Commission all employ occupational psychologists. Our speaker Amanda Harrington will explain more

16 Networking Its not what you know but who you know that matters (a common quotation about establishing a career)

17 Identify your contacts Can you answer yes to 3 or more of these?....... Do you belong to a family? Did you go to school? Have you ever belonged to a club or society? Have you ever had a job? Do you know anyone who works in an organisation that helps people in some way?.........if so you are likely to have access to 100s of potential contacts

18 Effective Networking requires………. Being aware of how both parties can benefit Ask for help & advice NOT…can I have Planning & setting objectives Prepare for each contact (e.g. questions) and reflect ( i.e. what you missed) Careers Centre Guide- Networking- the art of using contacts

19 CVs for Psychologists………… Leeds Metropolitan University Assessing your Skills:- psychology/assessingyourskills/index.htm CV Developer:- psychology/cv/index.htm You will find interactive advice, CV examples and also links to VideoJug pages with employer videos on writing a CV Other useful sources/links: Psychology Student Employability Guide ( Available in the Careers Centre) has a good selection of CVs Nottingham University guide has a sample psychology CV Sample_CVs.pdf Sample_CVs.pdf

20 Applying for work experience For advertised positions apply in the appropriate way – CV/application form/online application For speculative applications for work experience or workshadowing send a CV and covering letter Target your CV to the area you are interested in. Market yourself by impressing the reader of your suitability and enthusiasm Try to find a named person to send your CV to Make it clear what you are asking for – workshadowing, paid employment, a summer placement, an afternoon a week during term time or a combination of the above

21 Get your CV checked. You can do this at the Careers Centre on the Quick Advice desk = 15 minute careers appointment. Book on the day from 8am, preferably online – > Students > Book Quick Advice, or at a CV clinic Tel;01509 222039 OR access Careers Centre Leaflets and Handouts information There is an excellent section on the Careers Centre website which includes tips and hints for compiling an effective CV and examples of different styles of CV Finally, please dont forget that 45 minute consultations are available with the adviser linked to your programme. Tel:01509 222039 or call into the Careers Centre to arrange.

22 Access >

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