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How to Write a Persuasive Essay

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1 How to Write a Persuasive Essay
Mater Academy Lakes Middle Mrs. Morales 7th grade

2 What is persuasive writing?
Persuasive writing tells the writer’s opinion and why the reader should agree. Copying permitted

3 What is the goal of persuasive writing?
to state the writer’s opinion to give reasons why the reader should agree to convince the reader of your opinion Copying permitted

4 Step 1: Take a stand: Claim
Take a stand or state your opinion on a topic. Must answer Prompt. Mistakes are key to making discoveries.

5 Step 2: State your reasons: Thesis
2-3 reasons in one sentence Mistakes or failures are key to making discoveries because one learns to self-correct, problem-solve and self-adjust.

6 Step 3: Elaborate or Provide Evidence for your claim and support reasons
Reliable evidence includes, e.g. facts, definitions, quotations, statistics and data. Be sure to cite your evidence. Try to embed your quotes in the your sentence. Make sure all quotes support claim. According to 19th century author Samuel Smiles, “We learn from failure much more than from success.” In the article, “In Praise of Careful Science,” the author states that “without mistakes, no discoveries can be made.”

7 True, mistakes may cause more problems;
Step 4: Must include a concession and counter-argument or counter-claim. Concession means to acknowledge your opponent’s argument only to rebut it. You can’t ignore compelling opposing evidence. Counter-claim means to rebut (prove false or weak) opponent’s argument. True, mistakes may cause more problems; however, many important discoveries were made by accident such as the telephone and penicillin.

8 Step 5: Conclude your Essay: Restate your claim, summarize your reasons and reflect. DO NOT ADD NEW INFORMATION. USE TRANSITIONS. In conclusion, mistakes or accidents are key to making discoveries. They may lead scientists or researchers to solve problems, make corrections or adjustments. Some say that mistakes may hinder research; however, throughout history, there have been many well-known accidents or mistakes that have led to important inventions and discoveries.

9 Step 3: Prepare the graphic organizer.
Now fold your paper into 4 squares.

10 Step 4: Complete the graphic organizer.
Unfold the paper and draw a box in the center. In the center box write a sentence to convey your stand.

11 Step 3: Complete the graphic organizer.
Write one reason and cite evidence(s). Write another reason and cite evidence(s). WRITE YOUR CLAIM Acknowledge other side’s opinion (concession) and rebut it (counter-claim). Restate claim. Summarize your reasons.

12 Remember: You cannot use I. Since you are writing the paper, the reader knows it is your opinion! You cannot use You. Use: a person, someone, people, citizens, one, he, she, they, etc. Avoid contractions like can’t, don’t, won’t, etc.

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