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Essential Skills Tutor Education 3/4 September 2009.

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1 Essential Skills Tutor Education 3/4 September 2009

2 Essential Skills Tutor Education Over 900 tutors have achieved Level 4, with around 130 expected to qualify in August 2009. DEL investment in last three years totalled Approx £1M

3 Tutor Education Policy Literacy and Numeracy Tutors must have Level 4 qualification in Literacy/Numeracy. Tutors must have a Teaching qualification. Tutor Policy – DEL circular ESO2/04

4 Tutor Education Review of financial support for Essential Skills Level 4 Tutor Education courses to commence September 2009. Recommendations to be concluded by December 2009.

5 Tutor Education Policy Essential Skills ICT New Tutors - Must have a Level 3 ICT qualification. Existing Key Skills Tutors (more than 2 years experience) Must have achieved their Level 3 ICT qualification by August 2010.

6 Tutor Education Policy Essential Skills ICT All tutors must adhere to the new Northern Ireland LLUK standards. All tutors are encouraged to work towards at least a Level 4 ICT qualification.

7 Tutor Education - ICT DEL Circular ES01/09 All Essential Skills ICT tutors expected to complete the Core Curriculum training. Training will be available throughout September at a number of colleges.

8 Essential Skills ICT Courses available at all colleges. Introduced into Training for Success in September 2009. Essential Skills working with Steps to Work to introduce Essential Skills ICT into programme. Working with a wide range of employers including the Northern Ireland Civil Service and Health Trusts where the qualification will be made available to learners.

9 DEL Financial Support for Key Skills and ECDL Qualifications Key Skills Levels 1 & 2 – no funding will be provided for new learners enrolled after August 2009. ECDL - Colleges will not be funded to deliver.

10 Essential Skills ICT Qualifications Public Service Agreement Target to achieve 4,000 Essential Skills ICT qualifications by 2011. At end of July 2009 - 474 ICT qualifications achieved.

11 Essential Skills Branch For all Tutor Education queries contact Patricia Cochrane or Bernie Mayers Telephone - Belfast 028 90 257414, or 028 90 257330 E mail -

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