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YOUNG APPLICANTS IN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES SCHEME (YASS) A UK HE success story THE case study for HE modules in schools.

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1 YOUNG APPLICANTS IN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES SCHEME (YASS) A UK HE success story THE case study for HE modules in schools

2 YASS – What is it? YASS study marks them out from other students Jane Browne, Director of 6th Form, Greenwood Dale School A quality, genuine HE experience A partnership between the OU and schools and colleges across the UK A wide range of courses at first year university level For post 16 students An opportunity to stretch gifted and talented students Broad range of schools Study alongside school curriculum

3 The Growth in YASS Students

4 External Recognition Real personalisation, real challenge, real university Paul Kelley, Headteacher, Monkseaton High School DIUS/DCSF Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Qualifications and Curriculum Authority CfBT Education Trust Universities and Colleges Admissions Service National Extension College CCEA/NCCA

5 Supported Open Learning Its a win win situation – no lose Anton Blair, sixth form school student, Greenwood Dale School, Nottingham Academic support from tutor or study adviser Multimedia Choice of when and where to study Structured calendar (with deadlines!) Continuous assessment End of course assessment (ECA) or exam

6 Benefits for Students Students develop the sort of independent study skills they will find invaluable at university Mary Smith, Headteacher, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls Adds breadth and/or depth to school curriculum Enriches academic profile Develops learning skills Encourages independent learning Builds confidence: success breeds success Bridges the gap between school and university

7 Modules on Offer Over 50 courses from: - Arts - Business Studies - Education – Early Years - Health and Social Care - Law - Maths and Computing - Modern Languages - Money Management - Science - Social Sciences - Sport and Fitness - Technology and Engineering 10, 15, 30 or 60 higher education (CATS) points Multiple start dates From 10 weeks to 9 months

8 Module Popularity 2007 (England & Wales)

9 Demands on the Student Its easy to manage at home and fit it around everything else Richard Orrick, sixth form school student, Monkseaton High School Time management: 4-16 hours study per week Workload: Alongside AS and A levels (or equivalent) Students will: Have responsibility for own learning Have a steep learning curve! Work alongside adults

10 Indicators of Success Successful YASS students are: -Motivated -Committed -Interested -Able to meet deadlines -Mature -Not just the top 5%

11 YASS Support Network Student OU Regional YASS Co-ordinator OU Tutor/Student Adviser Parents Schools Co-ordinator

12 Getting Started Seek advice from OU Regional Co-ordinator for YASS Seek advice about schools perspective from the National Schools Co-ordinator –Read the YASS information pack for schools –Note closing dates –Organise information meetings; students, parents, teachers –Select students and courses –Register in good time to avoid disappointment

13 Student Comments I liked studying with The Open University because I can do it in my own time so if I have a lot on I can leave it and catch up later. The range of subjects covered in my course is much wider than the subjects offered by my school based studies. At first I found it difficult not being able to see people and physically interact with them. Doing more work during school holidays to relieve the pressure during exams. I work as much as is physically possible (Im not joking!).

14 Teacher Comments It brings HE and the OU in particular, into the school and introduces a different way of studying for those who may be put off by the thought of university. The students never cease to amaze me. Their determination to succeed at undergraduate level is remarkable. They can and will do it. Since the programme started the school has grown, standards achieved in conventional courses have risen, and this has boosted the schools reputation. YASS provides additional stimulus for gifted and talented students.

15 YASS - Northern Ireland Context Years 13 and 14 Relevant to Entitlement Framework: Provides context for ICT to facilitate distance learning Pupils benefit - exposure to other teaching environments and approaches Collaboration to widen choice of learning opportunities

16 Contact Details YASS website: OU Regional YASS Co-ordinator: Christine Compton The Open University 40 University Road Belfast BT7 1SU Tel: 028 9024 5025 Email: National Schools Co-ordinator: Margaret Chaytor Monkseaton Community High School Seatonville Road, Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear NE25 9EQ Tel: 07815 777337 Email:

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