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Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstrator

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1 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstrator
CWID 2008 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstrator John Davies July 2008

2 What is CWID? US Led Interoperability Initiative
MOD / Industry collaborative event Technology demonstration and field trial Identify and deliver future military capabilities made possible by Networked Enabled Capability (NEC) Identify capability gap solutions and innovative opportunities De-risk Equipment Programme projects Inform future research and development projects and initiatives De-risk Afghanistan 2011

3 CWID 2007

4 CWID 2008 Industry Participants

5 Inside the tents

6 QINETIQ: Core Network

7 QINETIQ: Core Network Key Features of UK CWID 08 Integrated Network
The network had been designed to reflect the information infrastructure in Afghanistan 2011. The initial network architecture reflected some of the known shortfalls with regard to information access and exchange. These shortfalls were addressed during the engineering design to enable the Information Exchange Requirements (IERs) identified by the trails to be realised. To ensure the most accurate representation of the information infrastructure, the use of virtual servers and a common security model have been adopted. Systems demonstrated: Prototype FALCON BOWMAN HF Link 16 Integration of CND and Engineering Management Tools. QinetiQ’s Deployed Network Management Service (DNMS) Minimal Sign-on and cross-forest authentication whilst still delivering autonomy. Provision of Critical Services for Coalition including: Domain Naming Service Federated Address Book Windows Update Service Anti Virus Update Service

8 Warrior Vehicle and Bowman Antenna
Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle with Bowman antenna

9 General Dynamics: Bowman Infrastructure and Services

10 General Dynamics:Task Interpretation and Management

11 BAE Systems– FALCON FALCON Broadband for the battlespace
IP based network Replaces legacy Ptarmigan system (Army) Provided LANs in some HQ areas LANs connected over radio link (Wide Area System) Hosted DII(FD) on a FALCON LAN Testing Juniper WAN Accelerators to maximise bandwidth

12 Falcon Vehicle and Antenna
Falcon land rover and radio links for Wide Area System

13 BAE Systems Operational Logistics

14 BAE Systems Operational Logistics

15 BAE Systems at CWID 08 – ISTAR
Tactical to Strategic Multi Intelligence Hub Digital Data Depository (D3) - federated Intelligence Reference Library Quick Query (Q2) - web based search interface SOCET GXP - image analysis, geospatial analysis and photogrammetry software photogrammetry - The art and science of obtaining measurements from aerial photographs

16 D3 / Q2 / GXP in more detail This slide builds to show the basic process for getting imagery / video from a collection asset, e.g. UAV, to the image analyst (IA) for them to exploit and produce intelligence

17 Thales: Secure Enterprise \Delivery Demonstration

18 Thales: Secure Enterprise Delivery (SeED) demo
Builds on data dissemination and value added services of the Future Integrated ISTAR Management System (FIIMMS) and JEDDI Middleware demonstrations Integrates these capabilities in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) providing core data services including air, land and maritime track information, encyclopaedic and airspace information services. Secure Enterprise Delivery provides a suite of integrated services, adhering to open standards, for use by systems within the DII environment, including Joint Operations Picture (JOP) air vehicle mission planning applications. These services are protected by a multi-level security architecture.

19 TENET:Geospatial Intelligence Integrated Reference Architecture (GI2RA)

20 EDS: Agile Joint Operational Picture

21 Summary CWID is an important UK MOD / Industry collaborative event
About one third of exhibits (most Information Systems) based on SOAs Unique opportunity for industry interoperability work “let’s just try this…” Industry trails fund themselves MoD provide infrastructure Drives NEC interoperability a few steps closer each year

22 BAE Systems Insyte team with Falcon band 4 and band 1/3 antennae

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