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From the Tevatron to the LHC Coseners House, April 24-25, 2004 Morning Prayer John Ellis.

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1 From the Tevatron to the LHC Coseners House, April 24-25, 2004 Morning Prayer John Ellis

2 Open Questions beyond the Standard Model What is the origin of particle masses? due to a Higgs boson? + other physics? solution at energy < 1 TeV (1000 GeV) Why so many types of matter particles? matter-antimatter difference? Unification of the fundamental forces? at very high energy ~ 10 16 GeV? probe directly via neutrino physics, indirectly via masses, couplings Quantum theory of gravity? extra space-time dimensions? All these issues tackled by the LHC (Tevatron)

3 Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

4 The Electroweak Vacuum Generating particle masses requires breaking gauge symmetry: m W,Z =/= 0 =/= 0 m W 2 = m Z 2 cos 2 θ W => I = ½ I = ½ also needed for fermion masses What is X? Elementary or Composite?

5 Elementary Higgs or Composite? Higgs field: =/= 0 Problems with loops Fermion-antifermion condensate Just like QCD, BCS superconductivity Top-antitop condensate? needed m t > 200 GeV New technicolour force? inconsistent with precision electroweak data? Cut-off Λ ~ 1 TeV with Supersymmetry? Cutoff Λ = 10 TeV

6 Searches for the Higgs Boson Indirect: Precision electroweak measurements at LEP, SLC, etc Predicted successfully m t = 160 – 180 GeV Sensitive to mass of Higgs boson m H < 200 GeV ? Direct: LEP Searches for e + e - -> Z + H Hint seen in late 2000 now < 2 σ Current Limit: m H > 114.4 GeV

7 Waiting for the Higgs boson Higgs probability distribution: combining direct, indirect information m H > 114.4 GeV How soon will the Higgs be found? …

8 Theorists getting Cold Feet Interpretation of EW data? consistency of measurements? Discard some? Higgs + higher-dimensional operators? corridors to higher Higgs masses? Little Higgs models extra `Top, gauge bosons, `Higgses Higgsless models strong WW scattering, extra D?

9 Heretical Interpretation of EW Data Do all the data tell the same story? e.g., A L vs A H What attitude towards LEP, NuTeV? What most of us think

10 Higgs + Higher-Order Operators Precision EW data suggest they are small: why? But conspiracies are possible: m H could be large, even if believe EW data …? Do not discard possibility of heavy Higgs Corridor to heavy Higgs?

11 Little Higgs Models Embed SM in larger gauge group Higgs as pseudo-Goldstone boson Cancel top loop with new heavy T quark New gauge bosons, Higgses Higgs light, other new physics heavy Not as complete as susy: more physics > 10 TeV M T < 2 TeV (m h / 200 GeV) 2 M W < 6 TeV (m h / 200 GeV) 2 M H++ < 10 TeV

12 Generic Little Higgs Spectrum Loop cancellation mechanisms SupersymmetryLittle Higgs

13 Higgsless Models Four-dimensional versions: Strong WW scattering @ TeV, incompatible with precision data? Break EW symmetry by boundary conditions in extra dimension: delay strong WW scattering to ~ 10 TeV? Kaluza-Klein modes: m KK > 300 GeV? compatibility with precision data? Warped extra dimension + brane kinetic terms? Lightest KK mode @ 300 GeV, strong WW @ 6-7 TeV

14 Tevatron & LHC

15 Updated Estimate of Tevatron Higgs Reach (June 2003)

16 Updated Tevatron Luminosity Projections

17 The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Proton- Proton Collider 7 TeV +7 TeV Luminosity = 10 34 cm -2 sec -1 Primary targets: Origin of mass Nature of Dark Matter Primordial Plasma Matter vs Antimatter

18 LHC Progress `Dashboard

19 The First Direct Exploration of the TeV Scale … Why is this interesting? Any new energy range takes us deeper inside matter, but also … Several reasons to expect new physics: Origin of particle masses Stabilization of gauge hierarchy Unification of couplings Dark matter g – 2 of muon

20 The Physics Scope of the LHC Bread-and-butter physics Δm = 15 MeV Δm = 1 GeV Interesting cross sections W top Higgs Susy

21 Higgs Production at the LHC A la recherche du Higgs perdu … … not far away? Combining direct, Indirect information

22 Some Sample Higgs Signals ttH bbH γγ ZZ* -> llll

23 Measuring Higgs Self-Coupling Heavier Higgs possible @ SLHCLight Higgs @ low-energy LC LHC-LC report

24 Sensitivity to Strong WW scattering @ LHC @ 800 GeV LC LHC-LC report

25 Measuring WW Resonance Form factor measurements @ 500 GeV LC Resonance parameters @ LHC Resonance parameters @ 500 GeV LC LHC-LC report

26 Constraining Triple-Gauge Coupling

27 Other Physics @ EW Scale

28 Why Supersymmetry (Susy)? Hierarchy problem: why is m W << m P ? (m P ~ 10 19 GeV is scale of gravity) Alternatively, why is G F = 1/ m W 2 >> G N = 1/m P 2 ? Or, why is V Coulomb >> V Newton ? e 2 >> G m 2 = m 2 / m P 2 Set by hand? What about loop corrections? δm H,W 2 = O(α/π) Λ 2 Cancel boson loops fermions Need | m B 2 – m F 2 | < 1 TeV 2

29 Other Reasons to like Susy It enables the gauge couplings to unify It stabilizes the Higgs potential for low masses Approved by Fabiola Gianotti

30 Constraints on Supersymmetry Absence of sparticles at LEP, Tevatron selectron, chargino > 100 GeV squarks, gluino > 250 GeV Indirect constraints Higgs > 114 GeV, b -> s γ Density of dark matter lightest sparticle χ: WMAP: 0.094 < Ω χ h 2 < 0.124 g μ - 2

31 Current Constraints on CMSSM WMAP constraint on relic density Excluded because stau LSP Excluded by b s gamma Excluded (?) by latest g - 2 Latest CDF/D0 top mass Focus-point region above 7 TeV for m t = 178 GeV JE, Olive, Santoso, Spanos

32 Current Constraints on CMSSM Impact of Higgs constraint reduced if larger m t Focus-point region far up Different tan β sign of μ JE, Olive, Santoso, Spanos

33 Density below WMAP limit Decays do not affect BBN/CMB agreement Different Regions of Sparticle Parameter Space if Gravitino LSP Different Gravitino masses JE, Olive, Santoso, Spanos

34 500 (1000) GeV LC covers part of space

35 Supersymmetry Searches at LHC `Typical supersymmetric Event at the LHC LHC reach in supersymmetric parameter space

36 Observability of Lightest CMSSM Higgs Boson Cross section comparable to SM Higgs JE, Heinemeyer, Olive, Weiglein

37 Heavier MSSM Higgs Bosons Observability @ LHC LHC-LC report

38 CP Violation in the MSSM? Assuming universality for the soft susy- breaking parameters Two possible sources: Phase in trilinear term A: φ A Phase in gluino mass: φ 3 Loop effects on MSSM Higgs bosons CP-violating mixing: h, H A

39 Observability @ LEP & LHC Some uncovered regions of parameter space Carena, JE, Mrenna, Pilaftsis, Wagner Assuming common value of φ A, φ 3

40 Cross Sections across Mixed Higgs Peaks JE, Lee, Pilaftsis φ A = 90, φ 3 = -90, -10 Diagrams Kinematics

41 CP-Violating Asymmetries Rather smallCould be large! JE, Lee, Pilaftsis

42 Examples of Integrated Asymmetries Could be large! JE, Lee, Pilaftsis

43 Supersymmetric Benchmark Studies Specific benchmark Points along WMAP lines Lines in susy space allowed by accelerators, WMAP data Sparticle Detectability @ LHC along one WMAP line LHC enables calculation of relic density at a benchmark point Battaglia, De Roeck, JE, Gianotti, Olive, Pape

44 LHC almost `guaranteed to discover supersymmetry if it is relevant to the mass problem LHC and LC Scapabilities LC oberves complementary sparticles Battaglia, De Roeck, JE, Gianotti, Olive, Pape

45 Example of Benchmark Point Spectrum of Benchmark SPS1a ~ Point B of Battaglia et al Several sparticles at 500 GeV LC, more at 1000 GeV, some need higher E LHC-LC report

46 Examples of Sparticle Measurements Spectrum edges @ LHC Threshold excitation @ LC Spectra @ LC LHC-LC report

47 Mass Measurements @ Benchmark B = SPS1a Fit to CMSSM parameters LHC-LC report

48 Supersymmetric Benchmark Studies Specific benchmark Points along WMAP lines Lines in susy space allowed by accelerators, WMAP data Sparticle detectability Along one WMAP line Calculation of relic density at a benchmark point Battaglia, De Roeck, JE, Gianotti, Olive, Pape

49 JE, Olive, Santoso How `Likely are Large Sparticle Masses? Fine-tuning of EW scaleFine-tuning of relic density Larger masses require more fine-tuning: but how much is too much?

50 If not supersymmetry, what ? Extra Dimensions ? - Suggested by Kaluza and Klein to unify gravity and electromagnetism - Required for consistency of string theory - Could help unify strong, weak and electromagnetic forces with gravity if >> l P - Could be origin of supersymmetry breaking - Enable reformulation of the hierarchy problem Reformulated

51 Sequence of KK Resonances? In Randall-Sundrum model S 1 /Z 2 orbifold version @ LC Possible spectrum @ LHC Sensitivity in contact-interaction regime LHC-LC report

52 Scenario with Universal Extra D Spectrum like supersymmetry: More degenerate Lightest KK particle stable: dark matter? Distinguish from susy via LC cross sections LHC-LC report

53 `Constrained Standard Model Break supersymmetry by boundary conditions in extra dimension If top quark not localized, 1-parameter potential: m H = 130 GeV, 1/R ~ 400 GeV Relaxed if top quark partially localized LSP is stop Barbieri

54 And if there are large extra dimensions & gravity becomes strong at the TeV scale Black Hole Production at LHC? Multiple jets, Leptons from Hawking Radiation

55 The Reach of the LHC for New High-Mass Physics

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