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Ewiem Nimdie Summer School Ghana, July 2008.

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1 Ewiem Nimdie Summer School Ghana, July 2008




5 Lectures

6 Doug Parker Tropical and boundary layer dynamics Michael Douglas.... Pilot soundings and mesoscale climatology Adrian Tompkins....Convection and NWP methods Peter Lamb Rainfall variability, regional climate change Matt Hobby Data analysis techniques Jean Philippe Lafore. Convection and forecasting during AMMA Andreas Fink West African weather systems Jerome Omotosho... West African forecasting methods Ben Lampty Numerical weather prediction Angela Jackson..... Air quality over West Africa Andy Morse Microclimate and health Sammy Tay Climate impacts on health David Grimes ???

7 Pilot balloon soundings

8 Observations


10 Forecasting

11 Student interests 1 Andreas Hansler.... Impact of land use on regional climate modelling over Southern Africa Augustine Arthur... Integrating optically remote sensed data into air quality models Cecile Kocha Convection and visibility forecasting – evaluating AROME over West Africa David Adukpo Effects of air pollution on crop yield Emmanual Ndetto.. Modelling the impact of climate change on convective storms (coming to Reading in October for the MSc) Ivy Frenger Impact of land surface changes over West Africa Joelle Bechara..... Characterising the chemical reactivity of air masses in the tropical troposphere Luis Garcia-Carreras Impact of land surface on convective initiation and the diurnal cycle of the West African monsoon

12 Student interests 2 Raymund Mugandani Land atmospheric chemistry Nana Browne Using multi model ensembles for seasonal forecasting Pius Madu Forecasting MSC storm tracks Remi Meynadier..... Atmospheric water cycle in the West African monsoon Romain Roehrig.... Intraseasonal variability over West Africa Stephanie Leroux... African Easterly Waves Salami Tairu Teleconnections of West African weather systems Samo Ditta Statistics of vertical profiles of space based rain estimates using TRMM Simone Kotthaus Surface flux measurements over West Africa Vincent Ajayi Radiative forcing from Saharan dust


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